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Last year an geo-engineering experiment by adding iron into the sea caused a major growth in algae. Probably at that scale dismissable. I think nature does find a way, every time major upheaval happened, nature has found a way: some died, others thrived. It's a dynamic that kept things going. It's also here where I worry: with all the human need for control, we are losing the dynamics, we lost our adaptation and every living thing under it's control. Think domesticated dogs, plants, dams, all depending on our interference, our control. It is backfiring because history proved that being under total control of a freak dictator is asking for a rebellion. Backfiring because we can't be always that attentive and precise. Backfiring because whatever progress we think we made, we still can't cure a cold...we don't know everything to take care of the things we decided to control. Humans are now the freak dictator with no respect for boundaries, balance/justice and temperance. The best we can do for our world is stop to control it, keep it small, simple and close by and become good stewards along the way rather than dominators and dominatrices.
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Aug 2, 2010