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What I see here is that while these methods work, in theory, if someone finds out they'll just create another account. So, you have to keep them secret. Another issue: All of these seem like permanent solutions to hide the bad community members. Since they, in theory, don't know what is going on, they won't learn a lesson. So, for instance, you can't make the slow ban temporary. If it's a week and they just come back and resume their behavior (you know, "when the site performance is back on track"), nothing learned. In fact, they'll probably start complaining about how poor the site performs. For the hellban, it's even worse. Because they get to continue their bad behavior, they really don't learn anything. And you can never re-enable the account, in whole, because of that. So, it seems that in all cases, these are effectively permanent bans. The main difference is that the idea is to bore the person to self exclusion, rather than instantly anger them to creating new accounts and causing more trouble. (Per the reputation: It's most likely the most of the worst offenders have less than 100 reputation -- or maybe 200 since 100 is the base now once you start linking. If people with thousands of reputation start causing trouble, something else might be wrong.)
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2011 on Suspension, Ban or Hellban? at Coding Horror
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Jun 4, 2011