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I would trade JO for Fernandez and Brewer. They could compete against each other to slide in behind Ray, and could even play alongside each other if/when Green slides to the 4 when the bench is playing. If we were to trade JO, however, the mini-MLE would have to be spent on a center to replace him. The best available, in my opinion, is Kwame Brown. No one is asking him to play offense; all we need is a body to fill the lane and give 6 hard fouls a game. Also, people seem to overlook the fact that Kwame had a better statistical season last year than JO did, and he did it in Charlotte with DJ Augustine running the point. He also played in 66 games, which is just about triple the number of games that JO played in (I think 26?). Having Rondo, and playing alongside KG PP and Ray-Ray, would only make him better. I only trade JO if I know that we can sign someone to take his spot. Depth chart: PG- RR, Keyon, Avery, Moore. SG- Ray, Brewer, Fernandez. SF- PP, Green, Pavlovic. PF- KG, Bass, Johnson. C-Kwame, Wilcox, Stiemsma. I'd take that over the current roster... would you?
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Dec 12, 2011