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Edward J Shannon, Architect
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Here is a link to the Indinana Landmarks website that shows more photos of the house in its current state of dilapidation. I had first been introduced to the House of Tomorrow when I read a book on Depression Modernism in high school (late 70's) I visited Beverly Shores a few years ago and looked forward to seeing the five houses from the fair. It was my first time seeing the homes and The House of Tomorrow was in such poor condition. It about brought tears to my eyes.
This is a house that should be restored and preserved. It is among the earliest modern homes in Chicago, if not the United States. It has a strong history as being a part of the 1933 World’s Fair. Along with many state of the art features, it showed how progress and a minimalist machine esthetic would get America out of the depression. It would be my hope that a suitable buyer with an appreciation for modernity would purchase it, even move it, if need be as Beverly Shores is not its original site. Perhaps it can be purchased by the Museum of Science and Industry, which also has a strong connection to Century of Progress Fair. Unlike Michael Reese and Prentice Hospital, I think this home has enough historic significance and design merit to warrant intervention. Let’s hope this is not a missed opportunity!
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May 1, 2012