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My name is Shannon. I’m a singer and songwriter living in Seattle. I am easily amused by simple pleasures. This is my happy place. May it be yours too.
Interests: my music,,,
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I'm so glad you gals recommended it Tiff! Btw, Hal said he told me about it a long time ago but I just didn't listen to him, ha ha. The fact that it's a true story that continues on after the final episode is just so fascinating to me. It's like reality radio! I sort of feel bad for Jay and the harassment of his family. But he still comes off as a bit shady to me.
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Oh my goodness, I didn't realize! I have no idea what my schedule will be like (I'll be at the beck and call of Hal and his friend) but I'd love to meet you for a drink or something if you'll be around. Thank you SO much for the recs! xo
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Yes, I can't believe we're making it happen! Is Park City where you actually live? I'd love some restaurant recommendations if you have any! Have you seen any Sundance movies you liked? :) xo
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He is feeling better, thank you Damaris! :) But I caught his cold few days later... doh! xo
1. Packing: for a quickie trip to Park City, Utah. Hal's buddy is an airline pilot and was kind enough to fly us out to stay with him and his family for a few days. Can't wait to put my snow boots, warm hats and mittens to use. We'll even catch the tail end of Sundance! I've never been before - have you? We didn't pre-purchase any tickets, but I'm still hoping to catch a last-minute film or two! 2. Smiling: as I go through photos from our 3 Little Birds movie Sing-Along event this past Saturday. We projected Frozen... Continue reading
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Thank you Jamie! It is quite a special spot :) xo
I would LOVE to swap homes with you in Australia! I've always wanted to visit. Definitely keep me posted when you're done renovating :) And thanks for the info on the travel club - looks very cool! xo
Oh thank you Marissa! Yeah, they don't show many photos on their website I noticed. If I hadn't heard such great things from friends, I might have missed this place! GO HAWKS! Wish you were in town during the SuperBowl next week! :)
Dang, you totally would have fit in my suitcase had I known you wanted to join us Tiff! Yep, that's my handwriting. I use a Wacom pen and tablet to write on the photos - which I also use as a mouse. Can't live without it anymore!
Thank you D! There's just something so calming about fog in the forest :) xo
I actually LOVE the foggy, wet, cold weather :) But I was born in WA too, so that probably makes a huge difference. Hope you get a chance to visit the Olympic Peninsula - it's truly a gem! xo
Hi Jessica! It's always nice to meet another local. Funny, because I know another Jessica Jones... but she goes by Jess :) You guys should definitely make it up to Quinault if you can. I want to go back in the summer so I can enjoy more of the lake! xo
I hope you make it up here one day Madison! We'll show ya around! xo
My neighbor directly across the street from me has a Free Little Library! It's the cutest thing ever.
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Thanks girlie! You will not regret getting one of the MUJI diffusers... I've been using it every night as I fall asleep :) xo
Oh you are so kind! Thank you Sibylle. By the way, I'm dying to visit Austria! :) xo
I love to escape on my birthday. Like last year and the year before, I gravitate toward remote off-the-grid locations - away from the city and immersed in nature for a quiet and contemplative celebration of life. Lake Quinault Lodge provided just that. Three hours west of Seattle, we drove through winding roads and foggy evergreens to our historic 1920's hotel in the middle of the Olympic National Rainforest. We settled into our cozy fireplace room with a private view of Lake Quinault. My poor love was sick and buried himself under the covers while I enjoyed some tranquil alone... Continue reading
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I'm the same way! I love knowing that everyone in the world, no matter where they are, no matter when they lived, can look up to her for support :) xo
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Thank you my friend! Cheers! xo
Thanks sweetie!! xo
Thank you Taylor! Happy New Year to you guys too! :) xo
I've been trying to do this too - only buying my favorite books. I'm a Kindle/iPad reader because it's easier on my eyes (I need a lot of light), but I still love a good book collection. And I want to steal all my parents' children's books! One of my girlfriends gifted me the sweetest pop-up version of the Little Prince.. so now I need more children's books to keep it company :)
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Must try this!!! Yum yum.
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Ahhh Rachel, this is HUGE! Congratulations my friend. I hope you celebrate your accomplishment first, before hunkering down for draft #2! :) xo
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Ooh, I'd love to see your new moon print! :) xo
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