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My name is Shannon. I’m a singer and songwriter living in Seattle. I am easily amused by simple pleasures. This is my happy place. May it be yours too.
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Heather, it really is delish - you should try it!
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Definitely a BUSY life, ha! Thank you Cheryl :) After the article was written about us, more kids have signed up, yay!
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For our 2nd anniversary, we took the Harley up to Anacortes and rode the ferry to San Juan Island. The great thing about motorcycles on ferries? VIP Treatment! They're much cheaper than cars, and you're allowed to drive past all the other vehicles to the front of the line. First to board, first to exit, and first dibs on seating. We immediately got to work on a community jigsaw puzzle to pass the time. A gaudy oil painting of cats! One hour (and major puzzle progress) later, we left the pieces in tact for the next brave ferry passenger. Two... Continue reading
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Thanks Caitlin! Crossing my fingers our classes fill up soon! As of now there are only 2 people registered, ha. We're hoping people just like to wait until the last possible moment ;) xo
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Oh thank you Pooja! I'm glad to know that even though the end is bleh, the book is still worth reading. I'll definitely let you know what I think when done! I haven't read The Secret History, but heard it might be even better than Goldfinch? The synopsis looks intriguing :) xo
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Wish you lived in WA so we could make music with your sweet Baby Whimsys :) xo
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Oh my, I really want to try this. Those roasted tomatoes! Mmm. Never made homemade tomato soup before, but there's always a first time for everything! I prefer mine super chunky :) xo
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Resting: after the 3 Little BIrds Open House. It was a smashing success! We only planned to hold two sample music classes, but ended up holding an additional class to accommodate everyone who showed up. We got some great feedback, learned what NOT to do (give kids loud drums when you're trying to provide instruction) and met an editor from Red Tricycle who wrote a feature on us! Watching: HBO's Enlightened. Have you seen this show? It's a drama-comedy about Amy, played by Laura Dern, a quirky, self-destructive do-gooder who has a mental breakdown at her soul-sucking corporate job and... Continue reading
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So true Alison! Perfect for this time of year :) xo
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Yeah, we're so grateful to have these videos to look back upon. Thanks Lisette! xo
Glad you like it Val! xo
Aw thanks Jen! It was pretty perfect in my eyes :) xo
We feel so so lucky, because I don't think he does weddings anymore!
Thanks Rachel! Will do! Can't go wrong with a little San Juan adventure :) xo
Thank you Cheryl! xo
Thank you Summer! I say you guys throw an epic vow renewal with a videographer to capture the love. Maybe for your 20th? :)
2 years! It's been 2 years since I married the love of my life! My, how time does fly. I still get misty thinking about that magical day. We'll be celebrating this weekend with an overnight stay on San Juan Island, underneath a September 8th full harvest moon ♥ Below is our 2nd never-before-seen wedding video by Son of Sharkpig. If you remember, the first one was all about the romance (watch it here). This one is all about the FUN! Song is More Today Than Yesterday by Spiral Starecase from our 2G4E Soundtrack. NEW READER? CLICK HERE FOR THE... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2014 at HAPPINESS IS...
Ha - you definitely would have loved my outfit because I think we're around the same age. Neon tie dye was so big back then! ;) xo
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2014 on Four Things 11: Shibori Amour at HAPPINESS IS...
I've never been able to keep an orchid alive, but I always try! :) Love your flower photos. xo
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Ooh yes, it would look SO good in your apartment Tiff! xo
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2014 on Four Things 11: Shibori Amour at HAPPINESS IS...
In 5th grade, I was way ahead of the trends. I owned a matching indigo tie-dye shirt and leggings set. Not so cool then (worn together, how I did). Pretty cool now! Shibori, the ancient Japanese dyeing technique, involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth, binding it, then dyeing it in indigo. A much more calculated art form than your average summer camp rubber band job. Here's a great tutorial if you're feeling crafty. And four fun shibori items for your walls, tea towels, headboard and toddler! Shibori Wallpaper DIY Indigo Dye Kit Handmade Chabouki Baby Leggings - Fall shibori line... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2014 at HAPPINESS IS...
You gals are the sweetest - thank you loves!!! xo
Beautiful! I haven't been to (Washington's) Long Beach is so long. Tried to on our road trip up the coast last summer, but we ran out of time. Did you just go for the day, or stay somewhere fun?
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Earlier this year, I had the incredible honor of designing my dear friend, Melanie's wedding invitations. As promised, here they are! After reviewing her mood board, we decided on the look of white calligraphy over berry-hued watercolor washes to set the tone for her stylish and sophisticated loft wedding. I'm so happy with how they turned out. Thankfully, she and her now-hubby were just as pleased! As soon as the profesh wedding photos are revealed, I'll show you how Amanda, the event planner, creatively incorporated the calligraphy logo/monogram into the rest of the wedding... much to my surprise and delight! Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2014 at HAPPINESS IS...