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Hallucination is generally a very bad thing, especially when small mystical creatures are involved. But Microsoft Research has published a paper today that makes hallucination a lot more interesting, and a lot more useful. It’s a set of algorithms, tools and magic when combined, allows users to ‘hallucinate’ high-dynamic range in low-dynamic range photographs. What they can do will blow every HDR photographer away, which is becoming the fad of the decade.We introduce high dynamic range image hallucination for adding high dynamic range details to the over-exposed and under-exposed regions of a low dynamic range image. Our method is based on a simple assumption: there exist high quality patches in the image with similar textures as the regions that are over or under exposed. Hence, we can add high dynamic range details to a region by simply transferring texture details from another patch that may be under different illumination levels. --------------------------------------------------- Shanon Chat de sexo ao vivo