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Driving 2 hours to go see your team hardly means more than you have 2 extra hours of free time in your day. Travel time is downtime that I could be getting paid for (I get paid at an hourly rate). The Rent is Too Damn High in NY. MLS needs to start winning the battle for attention and make itself more relevant in the sports landscape. We fans will come and MLS as a whole will prosper if the Cosmos/NY2 fully embraces the NYC glitz, glamour, and style.
Apologies in regard to the grass field. Still have Giants stadium visions in my head. True I am not as good a fan as I should be. I buy tickets, watch the games on tv, and talk up the team to friends. However, I have made the horrible fan move of wasting my tickets and skipping a game just because I didn't feel like leaving NYC to go to Jersey. Just not fully invested or identify with the team like I am for the USMNT or fans of the Carribeam Cup are.
Actually, enjoy Wondolowski with stale county-fair popcorn. " But landing a stadium in New York City—a media capital and an ethnically diverse urban center—would be a significant boost to the league's international stature." "This is exactly what this community needs. There's a true natural fan base for Major League Soccer…in the most diverse borough in the entire country," said Assemblyman Francisco Moya, who represents the area that includes the park.
For the why NYC haters Shut up and read the WSJ article and learn why it's so important to have a flagship team in NYC. You might actually learn something about the importance of being a respected league internationally. Either way I'll soon be downing fancy craft beers and eating, organic free range caviar, all while watching Neymar and Gareth Bale play for my NY cosmos. Enjoy your stale countyfair
+ 100 for the non organic Austrian energy drinks After having flown to London and catching a game supporting NYRB definitely lacks that organic and emotional feel. Even the lack of real grass makes me feel like I'm watching some fabricated/knockoff version of the beautiful game
The Carribean Cup is always a good time! Nice nugget of info with that one. Unfortunately the WSJ says its only 20k - 25k seat stadium
He went straight from Stuttgart to LFC. Good sign that US players are willing to forgo celebrating birthdays and holidays to try and become professionals.!/juanagudelo17/status/139052866580123650
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on Agudelo to train with Liverpool at Soccer By Ives
I'm really feeling Williams, and I've been dying to see Altidore and Agudelo together with Dempsey supporting. So lets put Williams in the Middle where he likes it and Dempsey cutting in on his right foot like he likes -----------Altidore--------Agudelo--------------- Dempsey------------Williams-----------------Shea ---------------------Bradley----------------------- Spector---Bocanegra-----Onyewu-------Chandler ---------------------Howard------------------------
How about moving Chandler up to play as a right sided Winger? He does love bombing forward and as we've seen this weekend can provide some nice passes into the box.
Gomez is recovering from a foot Injury
My first thought, exactly!
You're just joking, right? That better just be the Lichaj bias talking
This better be Robbie Rogers last chance to waste a roster spot
Well Done Those funny looking gingers
Sunil looks like a little dork completely out of his depth in world soccer realms. Without any evidence to back up this opinion, I think he gets walked over by other soccer federations
These MLS players DO NOT REGULARLY play on the same team or train together. Almost all of the goals Man U scored were caused by the fact that lapses occurred by guys that don't play together and don't have an understanding of what their teammate will or will not do on specific plays. A powerhouse side like Man U will always pounce on every mistake and take advantage. MLS still has miles to go, but, I was very happy to see we played kinda the sexy way. (Too bad MLS is lacking quality "Finishers" just like the national team).
Cool if it were a pickup game or a testimonial game. Not cool in a pre-season friendly when your on a team trying to win trophies and compete in Europed
As the Great Allen Iverson would say: "We're talking about practice, man. I mean, how silly is that? We're talking about practice. I know I'm supposed to be there. I know I'm supposed to lead by example . . . I know it's important . . . I honestly do. But we're talking about practice, man. What are we talking about? Practice?" Dempsey & Donovan are 2 world cup and gold cup veterans that have already proven their strong dedication to Team USA!
Couldn't agree with you more. I thought I was the only one that was concerned with Donovan's lack of form recently.
I was also wondering why he couldn't speak english after being in the country for 5 years and on the verge of getting his high school diploma. Then I realized he was just using the "Sammy Sosa Technique." Use an interpreter to give you extra time to answer a question and also make sure you're using the correct word usage. It was also probably for the benefit of the Honduran journalist.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2011 on Najar opts for native Honduras at Soccer By Ives
Najar should pick Honduras to keep some competitive balance going in CONCACAF. If Honduras can have another strong qualification run, and Canada picks up the slack world cup qualifying might be a little more interesting.
Exactly! Other problem is that Boca is too slow to provide any cover for Tim Ream. If Chandler is bombing up the field all the time, Boca and the left-side CB would get torched all day
Bob: "The USA's 1990 World Cup song looks Awesome on the Jumbotron." Officer: "Dude is that OJ dancing with those guys in short-shorts"
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2011 on You Write the Caption is back at Soccer By Ives
Gooch sucked tonight Tim Ream can pass out the back and should start
Going with Specs because right now he's got more attitude and would not get pushed around as much as Mixx would