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Sharon Metzger
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One of my temptations to discontent: People who don't enjoy food (both cooking and eating) having 800-sq-foot kitchens with top of the line appliances. I guess if they're going to film TC in a home kitchen, they need that kind of home, though. Tom's blog explains his crankiness (sounds like he was in a lot of physical pain), and although he didn't come right out and diss the hosts, I'm sure the comments of the Real Housewives of Highland Park didn't help -- he was grateful to have John Besh as fellow-eye-roller!
Something I haven't seen mentioned is that the shrimp weren't even for Keith -- they were on the phone comparing prices, but whatsername that was going to make the shrimp (shrimp cocktail for TC, is that right?) could have specified -- when I shop for shrimp, I'm always double-checking cooked/raw, tails on/off, shelled/in shell. All the combos are available, in different sizes -- I would think that the one doing the shrimp dish would specify, not just look for the cheapest. No one with Keith was doing the shrimp dish, either, so no one at the counter had any investment in the shrimp. Now, I still think that Keith as a seafood chef shouldn't have gone there, but the whole thing could have spun a little differently.
Did Dakota use a boxed cake mix? It seemed to me she was just looking at a cake recipe on the side of the flour, and she said it was legal to use it. That looked like a King Arthur box to me, and probably could have been flour or cake mix.
I can't blame anyone for falling down on rattlesnake, though. I know people who would have refused to open the box, even after they knew the snake was dead, even if it meant defaulting on the challenge. Me first for the exit. FWIW, I never use profanity, and there were many reasons I had no intention of seeing Snakes on a Plane (er, many slithery reasons), but I knew that scene, and thought Padma's delivery of the "snakes on a plate" line was just what was needed to break up the tension, as the chefs stood there before those boxes with air holes. Aside: Acheson's blog put it well: No TV show has enough insurance to pit 16 nervous chefs with knives against 16 live but doomed rattlers. We already had the medics on the job last week...
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Nov 17, 2011