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Oh, well...Obama's a dolt anyway, and since he's a muslime, he probably already knows what his beloved false prophet had to say about blacks. My guess is that Imam Buraq Husayn al-Obama (impeachment be upon him) wouldn't care anyway. Moochelle Antoinette, though, THAT'S a different matter entirely...
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Jun 20, 2013
This is truly humanitarian, and a physician I can respect. I hope more of these mangled women will seek help and get their bodies repaired after suffering the mutilation inflicted on them by the Cult of Perpetual Perversion.
And again Clinton's cluelessness comes back to bite the world in the butt.
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It's either idiocy or treason...and with this crowd, I'll place my money on the latter.
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Fine. If Afcrapistan is going to stab us in the back (they're muslimes, would we have expected otherwise?), then we should tell them that our troops will be out within seven days, and that all their population centers coordinates are logged into the targeting systems of various of our nuclear are those of their "brother" country. ONE act of jihad against the United States, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, and they'll learn what it means to feel nuclear fire! We should also say that that warning applies to ANY muslime country, and that Mecca, Medina and Jeddah are at THE TOP of the target list! Allahu FUBAR! Islama delenda est!
It ain't my Air Force anymore. It hurts to see a loved one die, and this loved one was MURDERED by a jihadi-loving creep squatting in the White House, and by his PC JERK predecessor!
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And this is why I detest leftists...and especially the leftist/Obama Ministry of Propaganda and Popular Enlightenment media. The second these piles of manure become violent, it's over for them...and their "messiah," Zero Hussein Obozo.
She's an idiot as well as a skank...why am I not surprised that she's such a dumbass?
Why do I have the feeling that Obama both supports and is behind this?
The wording is eerily similar to the Nazi propaganda leaflets dropped on American troops during WWII...even to the "solidarity" message being preached. What slime those mohammedans are...just like their National Socialist forebears.
Reading Paul's comments about why the islime-o-fascists hate us brings two words to mind: Delusional and idiot. Paul is apparently an idiot since he hasn't paid attention to what they've said: They want us dead because we exist...because we have beliefs which are not based on a paleolithic moon cult...and because we allow our women to become educated, among other unforgiveable sins in their eyes. Anyone who has followed world events in this century and hasn't figured out that islime is a murderous, hate-filled cult of death is either wilfully blind or a complete imbecile. Paul is delusional because he apparently thinks that by displaying weakness to the mohammedans, they will stand down and not harm us. Jimmuh Cahtuh did the same thing, and look where that got us. Ron Paul may have some good points on following the Constitution, but when it comes to national security and to defending ourselves, he'd have us paying jizya within twenty minutes of his being inaugurated, should voters be STUPID enough to elect this lunatic moron!
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Aug 16, 2011
We need a modern-day Charles Martel.
One of Bush 43's main advisors was Grover Norquist. Norquist is still held up by the enemedia as a "conservative" spokesman (he's head of Americans for Tax Reform), but he's also a Palestinian lobbyist, married to a pro-jihad Palestinian woman, and also represents groups tied to Hamas and Hezb'allah. It was Norquist's influence that got Bush to spout his blather about islime being a "religion of peace," and having been "hijacked." My point is that there are snakes on the right, as well, and we have to isolate them and identify them as the enemies they are. Mecca delenda est! Islama delenda est!
And this world would be better off if islam and all its filthy followers were worm food.
I wonder if that moron knows her "Arab" name means "Amala, slave of the Rahman"? If these idiots weren't so dangerous, their ignorance would be almost funny.
Just try something, Dude...when we have a real president again, you make one false move, and your whole region will end up a radioactive wasteland for the next five thousand centuries!
Islime: started by a pervert for perverts. We need to tell the Israelis and the Arab Christians to get into shelters then nuke the muslime sickos until they glow!
BHO, sr. was a statutory rapist, period. Stanley Ann Dunham was 17 when Obama impregnated her, and that's a felony regardless of race. Now, seeing as "Anarchist Annie's" parents apparently had sexual fetishes that would make Glenn Quagmire blanch, as well as radical chic political beliefs, they might not have had a problem with their daughter being the sperm receptacle for this Commie pervert. Not too likely similar behavior would have been tolerated in Boston/Cambridge. I doubt racism played a role in Obozo, sr's deportation. Most likely, he was chasing girls who were WAY younger than the 27 year-old he "married" in Massachusetts. Harvard may be a cesspit and not concerned with reputation now, but nearly fifty years ago, that was a different world and time. Yes, people would have been offended at the sight of a white woman with a black man, but good manners would have restrained most people from openly commenting on it. But let's say that black man was consistently with UNDERAGE white girls...THAT'S a different matter entirely. Miscegenation was not looked kindly on in the '60's (even in Boston...remember the bussing riots of the 1970's), and miscegenistic statutory rape even less so. It would have been in Harvard's interests to get this lowlife off campus and out of the country ASAP. After all, how many parents would want their children to attend a college that tolerated criminal behavior on the part of their graduate students? The loss of potential tuition money would have been a powerful reason to expel Obama...and saying that his financial issues were a reason would have helped mask the real reason (statutory rape and worse). Basically, I see this document release as hurting Obozo, jr. substantially. It shows what complete fiction Dreams From my Father actually is, and indeed, that the whole Obama hagiography is fraudulent. The presentation of the fabricated birth certificate was the beginning of the end, this is the next element in his destruction. Sooner or later his Punahou School records will come out, as will his passport records (FOIA is a wonderful thing), and we will have before us evidence to be used in a criminal proceeding to place Obama, the Chairman of the DNC, and anyone else responsible for inflicting this Communist/jihadi traitor and usurper upon the United States. It won't be tomorrow, but events have a way of unfolding very quickly...Obama may not even make it to the 'rat convention in 2012. We can only wait, watch, and hope.
Throw them out! There are fifty-seven islamic crapholes they can live in and have all the sharia they can tolerate...we don't want it here, no matter WHAT their pedophile false prophet proclaimed 1,400 years ago!
Well, Hussein Obumbles (AKA "Nero") parties while the middle east burns. There has to be some way to get him out of power before we're all paying jizya!
Run, Sarah, run! PLEASE!
I think we now have proof positive that Hussein Obama is indeed a traitor.
I reported the page, but got a message saying that a removal is not guaranteed.