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Interests: stamping, and spending time with my family, reading, scrapbooking, purging
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I enjoy the illusion that if I put down some fresh mulch and let the neighbors across the street spruce up their view by having me stick some tall plants into the ground, that it looks like I know what... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Live from Tormville!
Wendy had three hours of goalie training today. The boys stayed home with Allan. I walked laps. and laps. and laps. Allan headed back to Big Rapids at about six. Wendy has friends over for the night. Short on milk,... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Live from Tormville!
The boys are enjoying Allan being home. Mark finally talked his brothers into playing a game of Risk with him. I got LOTS done today: I trimmed all five lilac bushes, washed both vans, had the washer and dryer humming... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Live from Tormville!
Off work today, I counted the hours until I have to wake up for work on Tuesday. 88 Hours. Then my mind started spinning with what I can accomplish this weekend, a weekend with no soccer and not too many... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Live from Tormville!
Hottest field day ever. I didn't even mind that I missed the whole first hour of it for a Parent Leadership Meeting. And I was so glad I don't have a second grader this year, as they did their walking... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Live from Tormville!
There was a large internet outage in our area last night. It went out sometime before dinner and didn't come back on until sometime after ten when I went to bed. It wrecked a little havoc on our school's spring... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Live from Tormville!
Greg's extended trip to Chicago changed the boy's schedule for tonight. Normally they'd be at karate on a Monday evening, but Wendy had a game and I always feel that I should be at her games since the injury rate... Continue reading
Posted May 23, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
What a gorgeous day it was. I love that it was a relax day, and I did exactly that. Wendy went to a friend's house after church, and the boys kept busy in the backyard all day. The neighbors did... Continue reading
Posted May 22, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
This morning had us soccer busy. Wendy was out the door first for strength training with her team, followed by Brian's game which started as I bounced back to shuttle Wendy back home from strength training. We're pretty sure this... Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
It's 9:30 and I'm exhausted. Ready for bed. On a Friday night. I took today off for appointments. And because originally I'd hoped that after the appointments I'd be able to head up north and bring a load of my... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
(this one was a save) Tonight was the first conference game. We lost half of our teams to the mandatory choir concert tonight. We lost a couple more to the last minute time change of the game The time change... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
I got to watch my young tape loving friend's minifig again while at karate tonight. Karate is also where I often catch up on my list making and journaling. Look, I said, S...T. Sharyn Tormanen AND Storm Trooper. I just... Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
I blocked traffic exiting the soccer game to get this shot. Sorry, not sorry. Nobody should be in a hetta [hurry] when there are scenes like this to be enjoying. Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
This evening the girls made up last week's rained out game. Due to academic scheduling conflicts - 14 girls moved up from JV to Varsity to play the game. Most of them played alongside the few Varsity players that could... Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
so rude. and on the rhubarb too! Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
I finally went through last night's game photos after we performed our morning soccer shuttling over here. Again thankful that Greg was home for the weekend as he was able to finally see Wendy play last night and get Mark... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
Both teams played tonight, but with just enough girls and no subs. With permission from the other team, Wendy played (the only) keeper for both the JV and Varsity games. She's sleeping well tonight. We dropped the kids off at... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
We don't have school tomorrow. It's a professional development day for teachers. There was supposed to be a soccer game this evening. JV got canceled and girls got moved up to help form an able-bodied varsity team. Wendy had gotten... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
Twenty more days of school. I'm anticipating summer. All 87 days of it. Summer manifestos are getting made. I spent the last couple days trying to find gaps in our summer calendar to plan our annual Boyne getaway. I've not... Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
It's one of those cold rainy type days All three kid's soccer activities were canceled. Two for rain, one for lack of able-bodied players. The monthly PTO meeting was not canceled. I was gifted the above potted arrangement for my... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
As the JV team photographer, I take at least 200 photos per game. And then, back at home, I look through them and I laugh and laugh, and then I call Wendy down and we make up captions and we... Continue reading
Posted May 9, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
On upon a Mother's Day about 17 years ago my oldest picked me out a new broom for the occasion. Today I got chocolates, a new cutting board and my choice of Greenfield Village or the Detroit Zoo. Since it... Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
Early morning soccer for both of the boys A touch of Saturday cleaning An evening wedding and a visit with friends lilacs blooming Today was good. Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
It was a beautiful night for a ball game. We couldn't have gotten any luckier with the weather especially given that I bought these tickets over a month ago through a group buy at school. It was tricky to decide... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2016 at Live from Tormville!
It's time. I've had my new zoom lens for over a month now and I'm confident that I made the right choice out of the dozen plus recommendations I received. (thank you) It's working well for soccer photos, and I'm... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2016 at Live from Tormville!