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So true. This needed to be said. Thank you. Loved seeing you again. I also think you are wickedly awesome. xoxo
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This party was the best ever, period. You ladies knocked it out of the park. I was just thrilled to be there and dance my As$ off!
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Loved this recap. Wish I could have met you and spent time with you. There's always BlogHer '10!
Can I just say that it makes me love you just that much more that your title is a lyric from a Police song? *Sigh* You complete me. I will be here (or there, or WHEREVER you are) waiting to hear what you need to say next. Just please don't stop. Okay? xoxo
Robin, allow me to clarify. She is not able to enter the class because of "training"; the School Board of Port St. Lucie (and I suspect the Teacher's Union) came to an agreement that allowed her to teach again after her probation was complete. As far as the training is concerned, since she isn't currently in a classroom, she has some time to read up on Special Ed. students who are entering the mainstream classroom, because if she IS going to go back in the classroom again, she'd better be prepared for more students like Alex. The harsh reality is that in most schools, IEP's are written and are usually only upheld to the letter in a Special Ed classroom. In the regular classroom, things get swept under the rug or just not attended to, unless the parents know the laws and push. Trust me when I say I speak from experience. I fear things like this will happen again and again because schools talk the talk but forget to walk the walk. Drives me crazy.
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Prize Package #2, please. I need a new printer for all the Pre-K projects I do for the classroom and this would be perfect! SO Awesome!!!
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