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Manny good stuff on the podcast
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Intersting article on Lamar Miller ``I mean, I'm a Hurricanes fan because I live in Miami. My grandfather drives a bus at UM. But my mom, she grew up in Gainesville, and she wants me to be a Gator.
Manny at the Hearld has an audio link for the press conference.
Anyone ... NCS in 2010??? Who's on board ? Posted by: 305tilliDie | February 06, 2008 at 09:52 AM YES SIR
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2008 on Recruiting updates at Eye on the U
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How more schollys do we have?
Randy for Presdient!!!
This is from rivals Tommy Streeter - WR - Miami (Fla.) Northwestern Announcement will happen at 9 a.m. ET tomorrow. Farrell reports that Miami is favorite, with Oregon and South Carolina still involved.
Wasn't Tommy Steerer going to announce last night or this mourning?
my badd meeting
Anyone heard about Marcus Robinson wavering? Posted by: Cane Domination | February 03, 2008 at 11:28 AM Marcus has been a solid commit since 1-27-08, after the UM visit and meetung with coach Young.
This is from Rivals of all the players uncommited, and when they are expecting to announce.
new blog
Manny great job with doing aduio with B.Harris.
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Whats the news on how the visits went this weekend?
Thats odd Rivals has Bryce Brown on there list.
This is freaking hilarious.... Posted by: 5 O'Clock Somewhere | January 24, 2008 at 12:57 PM So funny, James is going to be pist :)
Something smells fishy with Urban Meyer. May be caught in a recurting scandal.,0,6222736.story
Yeah Matt this team showed lot of heart playing aginst FSU with KW geting injured, fake field goal, gw drive, and fuble recovery. With new players and leaders like Forston, Berry, and etc. the future looks good.
Who was that D-bag that called out Wisconsin.
Good stuff Matt, and going into UF this year we are going to be a big time underdog with a freshman QB. We did go to FSU this past year, and beat them even though UF is much better I think we got a shot at an upset. I think it's the same weekend OSU plays USC, so it should be one hell of a Saturday to watch football.