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Just FYI, I put a link to this on my FB page.
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My take on the world of literature is that just because society deems a book a "classic" doesn't mean that everyone under the sun is going to adore and shout praises about it from the rooftops (I, for one, cannot see what the appeal is to "Gone with the Wind" or "The Scarlet Letter"). Now I love books. I am the girl who would get a hold of the class reading schedule that summer and would have all the books read by the time class started in the fall. I fell in love with "To Kill a Mockingbird" but imagine my surprise when class comes around and the teacher went on and on about how Boo was an analogy for Christ and Scout was the disciples all rolled into one. In my teacher's opinion, any real book worth reading was really about something else entirely and you couldn't consider yourself intelligent if you accepted a book for just what it did to you on an emotional (or, as he viewed it, an entertainment)level. I walked away from that class feeling so stupid for not having seen what my teacher was telling me everyone else could. I re-read it time and again but could not see the analogies that had been presented to me, which bothered me. I loved the book, and it definitely resounded in me, but I was apparently not smart enough to get more out of it. I just couldn't imagine Harper Lee sitting there with pen in hand and thinking "I want to write about Christ" and then working out the ways to contort her characters to fit the mold. It wasn't until later that I came to the realization that maybe my instructor saw symbolism because he went looking for it, but that didn't make my enjoyment and appreciation of the text any less valid. While I do see some "deeper meaning" sometimes in books, I no longer hold to the thinking that every good book out there is some sort of morality lesson to be drummed into my head. I still adore a lot of the so-called classics - "Fahrenheit 451", "The Great Gatsby", "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" (I have a serious crush for alliterative style) and even "Beowulf" but that doesn't mean that just any old classic will do... it has to be something that engages me and pulls me in, which I think is better than symbolism any old day.
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My husband is allergic to avocados as well, but not deathly so, which is great since he tends to sneak one in every now and again. Trust me, living in even a mostly avocado-free zone is killer and I feel for you. Your recipe sounds great, but I would certainly recommend using fresh garlic next time for some extra ka-pow! to the tastebuds.
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Okay, that was the best "inspirational speech" I have heard in awhile.... thanks for sharing this! Hope the allergies are easing up on you....
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