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Shawn Hubbard
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Good post and something that's been on my mind a lot recently. Golden handcuffs are a big problem. It's hard to take a $50-60K pay cut to try a new field that you might like or might be just as unhappy with. But that's a great list of alternate career paths, and I've considered 3 of them and think that in the next couple of years I'll be doing one. I used to really enjoy coding, not to the degree of weekend coding marathons but always being a tinkerer, playing with new tech, trying little things, reading and considering all the various opinions in our field. Sadly, I ended up working for a group of people at my previous job where the leadership was part entirely inept and part intentionally destructive, and that passion died. Now I do it for a paycheck and when I go home I don't even turn on the PC except occasionally when an idea hits. It's sad because I know that when I sit down to code, I'm pretty good at it.
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May 16, 2013