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Sheldon Stokes
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I'm probably screwed, but my method has been to have two tiers of passwords: Slashdot, diyaudio, and all the other news type sites I frequent get one strong but common password. The sites that matter, like my bank, gmail etc get unique and stronger passwords. My rationale is that if my reused password gets compromised, I don't really care much. What damage is done? People could post using my name, but chances are they they could spoof that anyway. It's the bank password and such that really can cause pain and that is stronger and unique. The real issue here is one of security vs. convenience. I'm willing to risk somebody posting as me to slashdot and the other dozen sites I visit vs. trying to remember unique passwords for each. If the web gets to the point that I need unique strong passwords for each site I visit, I'll punch out of this whole web experience. Sheldon
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on The Dirty Truth About Web Passwords at Coding Horror
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Dec 14, 2010