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Sherry Kline
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Great Christmas Card! I enjoyed hearing that very much. I will add these links to my blog as well, with credit to your blog! Thank you! Sherry
I've been lucky to have several Happy Dances, but of course some bigger than others. On my mom's side, her Gr-grandfather Willis Washington Jones married Martha Ellen Smith, so most of the Happy Dances have revolved around ACTUALLY locating information about one or the other of this couple. 1. With my mom sitting beside me we located Martha Ellen Smith on the census at the library. (this was before on-line census!) What? She was a twin? You never said that before, Mom! 2. I found information in a county history book about Martha Ellen's brother, which also included Martha Ellen's parents, Charles and Virginia Hawley Smith and her grandparents' Calvin and ? Smith. And I was able to verify that they were indeed the right people. Woo hoo! Another Happy Dance! 3. I made a phone call to the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center (museum) and asked to talk to a volunteer and I had spoken to before. When she was not there that day, I almost hung up, but didn't. The genealogy angels were smiling! When I told this volunteer who I was looking for, she was quiet for a few heartbeats, and then she said "Charles and Virginia Hawley Smith are my great-grandparents, too!" And I replied "Hello, cousin!" Too Long of a story short, we went to Kentucky, met her, and she gave us a photograph of mom's great-grandparents! You can read more about this story at my blog at familytreewriter(dot)com.
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Just want to say "thank" for this post! I did my hand printing, and really like the result. (or maybe I should say it looks like my writing). I blogged about your post and linked back to your post! Once again, Thanks!
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Dec 17, 2009