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Shimer College
Chicago, IL
The Great Books College of Chicago
Interests: discussion, Great Books, Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Kant, Augustine, Aquinas, Darwin, Isaac Newton, Descartes, Pascal, Kafka, Homer, Anselm, Locke, Buber, Ruth Benedict, Piaget, Chodorow, DuBois, Durkheim, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Hobbes, Machiavelli, Freud, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Wollstonecraft, Arendt, de Beauvoir, Hegel, John Stuart Mill, Lucretius, Bacon, Avogadro, Mendel, Lamarck, Cannizzaro, Lavoisier, Dalton, Galileo, Copernicus, Einstein, Oersted, Huygens, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, Feynmann, Shakespeare, Euclid, Lobachevsky, Herodotus, Thucydides, Tacitus, Plutarch, Ptolemy, Aurelius, Dante, Chaucer, Thomas More, Milton, Cervantes, Hume, Goethe
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Do you remember the novel, Love Story? Or the film which involved, well, those people? If so, the name Erich Segal may be familiar. (So too might the phrase "love means never having to say you're sorry.") If neither the book, the film, nor these tidbits seem familiar, try clicking... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Evocations
Chicago is a great place to spend the holidays. Here are a few ways you can enjoy the windy city over Christmas break. Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at blog.shimer
In 100 years, liberal arts students will study the greats, but just who will those greats be. Continue reading
Posted Dec 11, 2014 at blog.shimer
Chicago is the home to some truly ground-breaking artists and works of art in the fields of literature, theatre, film, TV and visual arts. Continue reading
Posted Dec 4, 2014 at blog.shimer
A guide to enhancing your cultural understanding of Chicago - or just something fun to do during those long, cold winter months. Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2014 at blog.shimer
Both the act of reading and the way in which literature is produced has changed quite a bit over the last few years. Continue reading
Posted Nov 20, 2014 at blog.shimer
We endlessly refer to Mrs. Shimer -- to Frances Wood who married a chap named SHimer and this lead to our college's name: Shimer College. Mrs. Shimer mattered and matters. So too did Cinderlla Gregory (who also married and her last name became Lansing. And this despite controversy about the... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2014 at Evocations
Mastering debate skills prepares students for both academic and professional challenges. Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2014 at blog.shimer
Kate Bornstein, activist, artist and author will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Representing Trans* symposium, open to Shimer students on the University of Chicago campus. Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2014 at blog.shimer
This article discusses tips to manage stress when delivering classroom presentations. Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2014 at blog.shimer
I have asked whether Poirot was a Shimerian and whether one of my favorite Chicago sculptures is by a Shimerian. In each case, I was showcasing something in popular culture -- or in Chicago -- that allowed me to speak of Shimer in certain ways. What happens when we begin... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2014 at Evocations
This post discusses the struggles of maintaining a student budget and provides tips on how to create and stick with a realistic financial plan. Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2014 at blog.shimer
This article discusses the benefits and advantages of studying abroad, while introducing Shimer’s College-in-Oxford program. Continue reading
Posted Oct 21, 2014 at blog.shimer
Whether or not you believe people change depending on culture, or whether it shapes a pre-existing personality, there is no doubt that culture plays a role establishing who we are in the world. Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2014 at blog.shimer
Psychology is a wide branch of study with plenty of career opportunities. Psychology can be analyzed in most all aspects of society, including sports, aviation, and criminal investigations. Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2014 at blog.shimer
College life isn’t all about studying and attending class. It is the complementary activities like attending a theater performance or seeing a baseball game with friends that truly rounds out your college and social experiences. Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2014 at blog.shimer
Sometimes it is difficult to know how to react to global events, or even how to situate oneself in a global context. It’s easy to feel lost as you get older and the world gets bigger, but here are helpful ways of becoming a responsible global citizen. Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2014 at blog.shimer
Are you the type who is always looking to soak up knowledge and learn more about the world? If this is you, it sounds like a liberal arts college with an assortment of fascinating and varied courses is the right choice. Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2014 at blog.shimer
If you’ve decided to enter college early, you’ve already proven to have a passion for learning and the determination to excel academically. Shimer College establishes a unique educational environment which encourages early entrant students to thrive. Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2014 at blog.shimer
Getting a jump on readings, planning out your academic calendar, and joining a club or two can help students start the school year off right. Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2014 at blog.shimer
A tad early for ice skating, perhaps, given the current weather in Chicago, but not for Shimer! Bev Thurber is a Shimer faculty person who holds a variety of degrees, from MIT to Cambridge University to Cornell, and from Nordic... Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 22, 2014 at blog.shimer
A tad early for ice skating, perhaps, given the current weather in Chicago, but not for Shimer! Bev Thurber is a Shimer faculty person who holds a variety of degrees, from MIT to Cambridge University to Cornell, and from Nordic languages to math and other fields. Here's what she has... Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2014 at Evocations
Students considering a career in law should aim to build key competencies like exemplary communication skills, technological awareness, and the ability to work well in a team. Continue reading
Posted Aug 21, 2014 at blog.shimer
While reaping the benefits of a close-knit academic family, Shimerians get to enjoy and experience all that IIT has to offer, including student clubs, campus resources, courses, and career services. Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2014 at blog.shimer
Moving from the philosopher-scientists of the 6th century, to modern molecular biology, natural science students at Shimer explore and debate the human quest to better understand the world around us. Continue reading
Posted Aug 7, 2014 at blog.shimer