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Wow, I was just looking at Think Geek products earlier this morning. This video makes all their stuff THAT much cooler! I was also amazed by it, thanks for sharing. Also, I am looking forward to Evil Wil's reappearance as well. Have fun!
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Ha ha, I totally have this picture signed as well. It's the centerpiece of all my Star Trek signed pictures. This edition of the picture made me laugh outright though. I agree, it needs to be on a mug.
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I know how you feel, I look back at some of the things that I've written years ago and I cringe and shake my head at what I thought was amazing writing. Thanks for sharing this story for your newer readers, it does clear up last Friday's post. It's so cool that you actually keep this blog, thanks!
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I need to get that text message alert!
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Have you seen the stuff by ImaginarySanity? It's pretty good. My favorite of hers is: and
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I totally couldn't read IT. I read "Cell" by King and I heard that was one of the least scary, and I didn't enjoy it. Also, It makes me giggle to imagine you trying to write a lemon... and I can't wait to see you at Phoenix Comicon!
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Growing up in Tucson and now living in Phoenix, rain is always a big deal to me. It rarely rains enough for paper boats and I've never had the chance to make one. And while I wouldn't call the weather today rain, more like mist with an occasional sprinkle, it was still nice to experience a "rainy day". Glad you enjoyed yours too.
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I haven't read your entire blog, but I did read a bit back and I haven't seen any other story snippets that you've posted to base my comment on, but it seems to me as if this scene isn't from anything that you are working on in particular. Is it just a random scene that got caught in your head and you had to write down? I get those all the time, and I feel like they don't add together in anyway to anything I'm trying to work on, do you ever find these random scenes useful for anything?
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