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I'm currently making a living from my PHP + MySQL clone of a Rails + Postgres app. I started the project ~6 years ago because Rails was such a whore to deploy, hoping that it would become redundant within a few months as rails became widespread. But no, PHP + MySQL *still* has about 99% of the "cheap-as-hell shared hosting" market share, with no alternatives, and I'm still maintaining that project since so many people rely on it. Not a day goes by when I don't want to strangle a PHP developer for their retarded design decisions :-( Please, somebody, make it so that I can just drop "index.fcgi" into a directory and it will run that code (in whatever language) as a fastcgi process (with the user ID of the file owner); then get that module installed on 95%+ of cheap shared hosts. I *really* want to rewrite my software and compete with the other clones based on quality, and not on me being the most willing to tolerate PHP's bullshit. Heck, even if that makes the python / rails / node.js clones easier to deploy and makes my project entirely useless, at least the world would be a better place... Python is easy too! Just ssh in, create a virtualenv, use pip to install dependencies, upload your files, set file permissions, use root access to configure your web server to load the app via fastcgi, spend a few hours debugging all the glitches, and you're done! I have no idea how anyone thinks that this is as easy as "upload files, done" :-| Heroku and co come close, but they're still more difficult than that, and they're *way* more expensive than bog-standard shared hosts. I personally hate having to lookup which comes first in a explode() or a strstr() if I brain fart for some weird reason, but I don't blame php This reminds me a lot of Stockholm Syndrome. PHP causes pain so consistently that people consider it the norm, and they think it's amazing whenever it manages to do something only *slightly* awful. Once they're attached, it could say that 1+1=3 and they'd still rather blame themselves than the language...
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
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Jun 29, 2012