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Interests: crafting, knitting, my kiddos and my camera
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Its going into our master bedroom. Which Im Repainting.... Probably to slivery grey or the walls and white for the furniture... Namaste- Sheree Sent from my iPhone
Let us know how they turned out. I canned clementines in a vanilla syrup and was disappointed with the taste. The syrup was fine, but I left the segments unpeeled like you did and the resulting product had a strong bitter undertaste. My kids wouldn't eat more than a bite or two, and to tell the truth I had to force myself to finish the one jar that I had canned. I'm not likely to try again, as I think the only way to get rid of the bitterness is to completely peel the skins off all the segments. And I"m not up for that much work! :(
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:( What a bummer....we have a dog (she's 13yrs old and stone-deaf) but she is not at all interested in the boys. She mostly sleeps and eats and that's it. Once in while, the boys will take her for a walk and they LOVE doing that. Last summer DH and I started looking at getting another puppy because we are afraid that our dog is nearing the end of her life...and we wanted a dog that the boys would bond with. We still haven't gotten a puppy due to the fact that I remember very well how much work they are! LOL I'm trying to find 6mo old dog so we can skip most of the puppy stage... At any rate, I know you are not a dog person, but what about a snake? We JUST got a lovely little gopher snake and they don't smell at all. The worst part is feeding them (frozen pinkey mice- urg), but I let DH and the boys handle that part.
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How funny- we have this exact popper bowl! I also bought it off Amazon, and I LOVE it. It's perfect for a small batch of popcorn, and the popcorn always turns out great. MUCH better than the crap in the bags. :)
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Oh I really hope you are feeling better very soon! It's awful being sick!
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My dad grew up on a farm, and my sis still lives's stories like this that make me want to sell our surburban lot and move back to the farm!
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it's funny that you are battling the stomach thing at your place, too. Today is Little Man's last day of school and we are home because he spewed at morning assembly. *SIGH* At least we were outside! :(
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@ Joe: We're all entitled to our opinions, but I don't see what's disingenuous or obtuse about standing up for what you believe in. If you truly believe you are not being treated fairly (whatever the situation), then standing up for yourself is the opposite of being disingenuous. At least that's the reason the teachers I've talked to are striking...they don't see the BoT treating them fairly...and have you actually LOOKED at what the BoT has done in the past year or so? Anyways, this is not the time nor place to go any further into the issues. Anyone who would like to educate themselves further on the many issues and the main sticking point in the negotiations can check out the many articles @ the, as well as the Capo official website and the Capo Unified Education Association website.
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What a sweet little man! :)
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Mar 15, 2010
Oh we lurve our Lego here too....we have boxes and boxes of them. MIL gave us a big crate of "antique" Lego- they had belonged to DH when he was a kid, so they were nearly 30yrs old. But they were in perfect condition and the small men play with them all the time! They just went to the Lego store in Downtown Disney yesterday and got two new sets....they've been playing with them all day and night. This morning, Monkey Boy woke up and the first thing he did was come out and ask for help making a new Lego model LOL
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