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Thank you for doing this. We need this in Toronto as well. Awaiting backlash from CAIR-Canada (Now called 'The National Council of Canadians Muslims to hide their CAIR/Hamas links).
Pamela, Sheila Musaji from The American Muslim, has already responded to your article, check this out:
I don't know if Canadians will wake up after a successful Muslim terrorist attack on Canadian soil. We see how in America after 9/11, Obama was elected twice despite his Muslim Brotherhood ties. A terrorist attack in Canada will only embolden the terrorists. Their supporters are already in the police force, intelligence, CBC, Justin Trudeau, etc and THE SPIN IS WAITING TO HAPPEN AFTER THE FIRST ATTACK. Canada will be blamed and us 'right wingers' who caused Islamophobia and Sun News will be blamed for pushing the Muslims to violence. It is guaranteed. There will be lots of hand-wringing, then with each subsequent attack, a dulling will occur and less outrage and then the attacks will become almost normalized.
Obama is working very hard to get convicted terrorist Omar Khadr's charges dropped. He is paying for a team of lawyers on the American tax payer's dime. Note that Khadr is already back in Canada. Meddle much? Obama already interfered with the jury verdict of 40 years and got it dropped to 8. Now this. Obama's Muslim Brotherhood friends must be pushing him even more. Obama is extremely dangerous.
I wouldn't underestimate the stupidity of the low information voter. After Trudeau attended the Islamist conference in Dec/12, his popularity increased.
As of this month, a Nanos survey had support for the Liberals already at 35.4 per cent, Conservatives at 31.3 per cent and NDP fallen to 23.6 per cent. Harper is pragmatic and a strategist so I hope and pray these numbers change
I am a Hindu and my Christian and atheist friends have attended JDL-Canada's events for over a year. I can tell you that they do not support violence and I have never felt that they were anti-Christian. They have exposed Palestine House, a rabid Islamist organization in Canada which was recently defunded. Then the Islamists set them up as making a bomb threat. The RCMP cleared them. The false moral equivalency of JDL-Canada and Islamists is often made. It bothers me because fighting terrorism does not make one a terrorist.
Contact the York Regional Police and politely let them know your thoughts: Chief Eric Jolliffe: by e-mail: or by phone: 1-866-876-5423.
Harper is much better than Obama, but Trudeau may win in 2015 and he is pro-Islamist. Also our state broadcaster CBC and Canadian Bar Assocation to name just a few are pro-Muslim terrorist. They have labeled Omar Khadr a child soldier for years. I agree that right now Canada is leading but with Liberal leadership and continued stealth jihad, in 20 years we are looking at a huge European like situation. I don't think it is too late if we act now. A concerned Canadian
Actually, you are incorrect.
And who voted for the Socialists? Most young people and females vote for Islamists and Socialists. Karma is a bitch. Enjoy your terror attacks and poverty.
BCF has broken a number of stories - the Jew-hating curriculum at the East End Madrassah, the Mosqueteria (muslim prayers during class time at publicly funded schools, etc. As a Canadian, I read his blog on a daily basis. God bless BCF and keep Canada safe for the next generations.
These pro-Taliban bitches will be working for our state broadcaster, the Communist Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and eventually get into politics as the far left NDP or Liberal. Welcome to Canuckistan.
Dear Pamela, As a Hindu I want to thank you for including Hindus in your ad. So many people ignore the millions of Hindus killed by Muslims in the name of Islam. We, too in India and the diaspora, have left wing Hindu useful idiots who know very little about their own history and fetch water for the islamists. Please do not be disheartened by these leftist Jews. The left and Islam are both fascist, statist ideologists. The Black atheist is wrong. We see the left cosying up to Islam far more due to their statist tendencies. Statism is be definition group=think, against individual freedoms, etc.
What this young woman is saying is correct. She will be screwed, as a woman, by Obama....Under socialism and the sharia, she will have to worry about more than getting free condoms and abortion on demand. She will be living in poverty and under the sharia. So, Baby, spread your legs open to be literally pounded by your terrorist loving, socialist president. She is a whore!
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2012 on Obama and the politics of misogyny at Atlas Shrugs
Hey Marla, why don't you ask the 80 million hindus or 120 million blacks in Africa killed by Islam how racist islam is? Dumb left winger. What a tool.
Hindus need to realize that while yes, the colonial past was terrible, that presently the threat of Islam is a global issue. Stop looking to the past. Islam is destroying India. Look what is happening in Kerala. Any place with a majority of Muslims = you have sharia law. I am so sick of Hindus in Canada complaining about British colonialism. Yes, we have a paineful history, but unless we put aside our differences, we are all going to suffer. Ironically, the British are now feeling Islam's wrath after promoting Islam over Hinduism in India; the Americans are now feeling Islam's wrath after providing funding for Pakistan which used US aid for the 1971 massacre and mass rapes of Hindus in Bangladesh. We can feel gleeful for a while then realize that we need to see the larger picture and think of our children, not be bitter about the past. That is how we will win. The islamists are looking at ways to divide us, their strategy is to find any weakness of the infidels uniting and using it against us.
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2012 on India's Hitler Problem at Atlas Shrugs
Actually, 1971 Bangladeshi genocide was more recent than the Holocaust, Ethnic cleansing of Hindu Pandits in Kashmir have been going on since the 1990s. Jews and Hindus need to unite in India. All non-muslims are oppressed under Islam.
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2012 on India's Hitler Problem at Atlas Shrugs
that blazing cat fur sure is a smart cat!
Toggle Commented May 11, 2012 on Another "moderate" exposed at Atlas Shrugs
Actually the CBC has repeatedly referred to Omar Khadr as a 'child soldier'. Khadr lied and said he was tortured at Gitmo and many lefties still believe this. Canadians - please contact Vic Toews at and ask him to apply the ITOA (International Transfer of OFfenders Act) which prevents Canadian citizens from repatriation if they are deemed a security risk to Canada. There is also a petition going around asking Vic Toews in more detail to block the transfer:
I live in Scarborough. It has a 5% muslim population. We have Al Hindy's Saudi funded mosque which holds polygamous marriages. The police do nothing. Why shold they? The Toronto Police Force met with leaders of the muslim community and now we have police in hijabs based on 'diversity', 'human rights' etc. No other religious group is allowed this 'accomodation'. We have illegal muslim prayers during class time in secular, publicly funded schools. We have NAMF - North American Muslim Foundation - which received $100,000 from the Liberals to build a 'culturally sensitive' gym. NAMF hosts hate preachers like Quick who call jews and gays filth and says that death is the punishment for homosexualty. I can go on and on. Don't tell me that things haven't gotten bad in Canada. At 5% we are seeing huge problems. Omar Qhadr's family lives in Scarborough too.
Sigh, Spencer and Pam villified as haters by either a leftist or a muslim. I was trying to have an internet debate with a leftie about Islam. This fellow was calling me a racist because I showed how racist Islam is and how racist Muhammad was. I got my information from islamic sources. I pointed out to him that if I show that someone is a thief, does that make 'me' a thief? I also pointed out about Islam's genocide of 120 Africans, 80 million Hindus, etc. He was not moved. I am brown, I am Hindu, I have been called Paki, but the left has suddenly turned on my b/c I speak out about the brutality that the (brown) muslims commited on us (brown) Hindus. Have a thick skin. Everyone is called a racist by the leftists/islamists. Everyone. They are evil. They also call us bigots, haters, etc. It is projection. Fear, because they have no facts. Laziness because they are too lazy to do their own research.
The Jewish Defense League of Canada will be having a demonstration on Friday, March 30th at 3:00 pm infront of the Israeli embassy/consulate in Toronto. Check out their blog for further details. Also JDL-Canada would ask a show of support in front of international Israeli consulates/embassies. Please show your support for Israel. I'm a Hindu and going to support JDL-Canada. We must take a stand for our Jewish brothers and sisters. We cannot bear to see them suffer. Israel is the canary in the mine. Please take a stand for truth and justice.
So proud to be a Canadian. We cannot let us Jewish brothers and sisters suffer at the hands of this Palestine House especially on the taxpayer's dime. Jason Kenney - you the man!
Very, very proud to be Canadian and a Hindu. I love Canada and will defend her from the leftists and islamists. With Sun News Network and conservative blogs like Faith Freedom (Ali Sina) and Blazing Cat Fur and others, there is a chance for freedom and human rights. W/R/T the mosqueteria issue, it ain't over.... Will pray for America and the defeat of evil Obama. God bless you Pamela. Hope you will visit Canada some time with Robert Spencer.