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Belinda Short
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A+++ I think I need this one from the designer's page. I'm surprised this isn't one ThinkGEEK picked up.
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I just wanted to share this with you. Its a friend of mine on Livejournal, and he just made a post about how Wesley Crusher affected his life. I think that you will enjoy it.
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2010 on The Empire Strikes Back (1950) at WWdN: In Exile
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You'll be close to an Indian buffet, a few sushi places, veg options at several places, and a Turkish (south of where you will be staying) and Moroccan place very close (I work downtown)
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There is also McNivens and tons of good breweries close to the convention center as well.
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Awesome, you're finally going to be in INDY! I can show you where to get all the best beers around. =) You'll be surrounded by not one, but four microbreweries, and several places that carry good draft beers. I will have to try to come to GENCON this year!!!
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Jun 14, 2010