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As someone who has been following this discussion with some fascination over recent months (I recently found a load of old family photos of my own to pore over: I find it a rather strange irony that the one think that photos are for (looking at, generally) is the very thing that does them harm. I have a load of large prints of Rome on my walls that I had done about 10 years ago - essentially sunlight has destroyed them, and that's with 'modern' processes. I'm pleased to hear you have greater confidence about the digital media though, I've been shifting my documents along with me each time I got a new PC or whatever for the past 20 years - it's a good job storage has become so much cheaper at time went on! There's an irony there too though I guess - most digital photos are stored 'safety' on drives and dont exist as a viewable media unless you do something with them...a bit like old prints shoved in a family album somewhere, preverved from the light!
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Jun 16, 2011