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wch - Welcome, it seems clear you get the point of this website. Please comment more, it means a lot to us all. Also, let's not pretend that Mike is running some mom and pop grocery store, and the entire purpose of this business is to "ensure the fiscal needs" of his offspring. He owns a large portion of an asset worth close to a billion dollars that is increasing in value every year. I think his offspring will do just fine.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2010 on We Have Our First Letter at WhoDeyRevolution
No matter what happens with the first pick - I think we can guarantee he'll be doing that.
Gritty! Hard working! Leader! High character! Winner! Great hands!
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2009 on The White Weapon at WhoDeyRevolution
The last time Jason Shirley was this out of place was when he drove his car into some girl's bedroom.
As well as the fact that Memphis won't have a team within 5 years.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2009 on Welcome to The Club... at WhoDeyRevolution
I take great offense to that comment, Major Payne. Brat's offense isn't the traditional run-run-pass-punt. It's pass-run-pass-punt. Thanks.
Comrade Bieniemy is posting a recap tomorrow, I do believe.
That's great man. We understand that there is a ton of people just like you who view the games as a social event. Believe me, I understand the appeal. Games are fun as hell. Nothing we can say or do will prevent you and others like you from buying season tickets. That's fine with us. We don't think the stadium will be empty all because of our little blog.
Because we all know the best way to determine if a move is good or not is... Mike Florio's "Best Offseason Moves" column in late May!
Ashley, I see you have a lot of information there, so I just have one question: Will you marry me? In all seriousness, the setup in Georgetown is pretty conducive to whatever we want to do. A lot of open area, no barriers to getting in (i.e. tickets), fairly quiet. Whatever it is would have to have a very high level of organization, however, as anything less wouldn't be worth doing.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2009 on Project Mayhem on Hard Knocks at WhoDeyRevolution
Come on guys, it's not like there was a viable alternative who was a better pass blocker sitting right there at six. Oh wait, yes, yes there was. Eugene Monroe wasn't eligible for Redeeming though. Also, it's HippapotaSmith damnit!
Toggle Commented May 13, 2009 on Bengals Get Duped? at WhoDeyRevolution
Without doing any research at all, I can tell you that a horrible, horrible baseball season (100 loses) would get you a .383 winning percentage, which equates to about a 6-10 record in football. Even the record for most losses in a season (120) would only be about a 4-12 season in football. Bad, but rarely is that even the worst record in the league. Baseball is also a game where the difference between the best team and the worst team isn't nearly as wide as it is in football or basketball.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2009 on To Clear Things Up at WhoDeyRevolution
To be totally fair, James Walker is a moron. Levi Jones played like an elite LT in 2005. He made Dwight Freeney disappear for 60 minutes. I have no problems with the contract he was given. His release wasn't an example of mismanagement. The choice wasn't "Sign Willie, Levi, or Steinbach." It was "Sign Willie or Steinbach." Levi was a given at that point in history. Playing the hindsight card is lazy, hacky journalism. In other words, what ESPN does.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2009 on James Walker Reads WDR at WhoDeyRevolution
Moons Over My Hammy!