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Stephanie Shufelt
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Wil your wife is a GENIOUS!!! You would make a killing on a "Barcade" and if my hubby and I ever had the opportunity we would TOTALLY buy your microbrew! Love the lable by the way. :D
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This was my husband and my first PAX, and our anniversary gift to us! WE HAD THE BEST TIME! We got to witness you receiving your Cloak of Dicks.:o) Definately learned a few things for next year. The biggies are wear very comfortable shoes, come a day early so you can be rested beforehand, and don't forget snacks and hand sanitizer. I had kind of let my gaming time go after having kids. Going to this con made my hubby and I remember what we used to do before we had all the responsibilities. Still won't be able to game like we used to but we're definately going to be making some time for that from here on out. Wil, thank you so much for being there and your unbelievably entertaining forum. Also for being so nice giving out autographs. I'm reading the book you signed for me and enjoying it very much. I'm so glad you were stubborn and didn't give up because you really are great at what you do!
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My husband and I are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary by going to PAX-it's our first time!! I. CAN'T. WAIT. We're SO hoping to be able to go to your panel on Friday! Super excited that you're doing a booth and we will be purchasing your book (assuming there are any left by the time we find our way there) I'm a little nervous about the whole "Con Crud" thing. I have RA and take immune suppressing meds so I'm ultra paranoid about touching people I don't know. Kinda scary what you can pick up from large groups of random people. Even so my sweetie and I can't wait to spend a weekend geeking out together so we'll just risk it. Hope to catch your panel, but even if we don't I just know this will be the best anniversary celebration yet! Quick question...any chance you'll have any of the tee shirts you designed at your booth?
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Wil I'm so sorry you had to go through that. You were seriously WAY too nice. I will never understand what a crowd of rabid fans could possibly get out of scaring the shit out of someone they supposedly admire. I watched a really disturbing youtube video of Zachary Quinto being accosted while trying to walk home at night. There were numerous folks in the crowd with cell phones taking pictures of this mob that at one point had him pinned against a car. WTH!! I kept waiting for someone to call the police on his behalf because if that was happening to anyone else it would be considered assault. It makes me sick. I am a huge fan and would relish the chance to meet you, however if you are "off the clock" (not at a convention or other public forum) I couldn't bring myself to pester you. I think most reasonable people would agree. I can't guarantee that I wouldn't be giggling to whomever I was with if I did recognize you though! ;)
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