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and eu are working on the problem - how to comply with copyright law in the development of peer networks? In Russia, this problem is less acute because of the small, in comparison with Western countries, the development of P2P networks. Perhaps we as the development of these networks will be able to use Western experience in this complex issue. Major peer networks in the modern Internet: 1.Set Gnutella. A direct descendant of Napster, founded with the aim eliminate its mistakes. Information about available files are generally not stored at each new request to search. Special configuration computer is required. A software module called Gnutella - "servent". It performs the role of server and client. The request for a file search is across the entire network Gnutella (this is her main drawback). After finding the files on your computer are connected directly. 2.Set Direct Connect.Ispolzuet closed peer community - the "hubs". Hub - a server that controls access to network and exchange files through it arranged the connection. Connection is possible if the user has provided in the hub of a certain amount of files. Established hubs in almost any topics, but to get into a good hub not just have a lot to offer for yourself. This network - is an elite network. 3.Set Fast Track (in Russia called "goat"). This network uses "backbones" - a kind of temporal database containing lists of available files. Client to use these "backbones", should also be put in it a certain amount of information. This network is best to comply with copyright law, but is nevertheless network of the most clogged with viruses. 4.Set eDonkey (eDonkey2000ili eD2K). In Russia, this network is called "Donkey." Chain in their work generates "a hash reference", which specifies the address of the file. Search in this... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2011 at Shwagger Internet
Now almost every one of us has a personal website or personal blog, corporate site or an entire business online. Any such site has long ceased to be a simple business card on the Internet and, as a rule, originally conceived as a tool for earning money. Ways to earn very different: the sale of links from site to tricked out online shop with a huge catalog. But all of these sites have one thing in common - they are not will be confused if the site does not promote the search engines. If your site offers a notebook, the number of visitors to the site and, consequently, your profit depends on the position of the site in the results of issuing information search engines Yandex and Google for: "Laptops", "buy a laptop", "buy a computer, etc. On the Internet, a lot of organizations, and freelancers who promote sites. What you need to know when choosing artist? First and foremost, the cost of promotion is strongly dependent on the frequency of the query, ie on how often people make such a request in the search engines. The fact that the higher the frequency of the request (demand), the more competition for it (more suggestions). And the higher the competition, the greater the costs spent on promotion of the site. Add to this sum the cost of Optimization and get a finite sum for site promotion. See Mywebsearch for more information. Usually promotion costs from 5000 to 100,000 rubles a month. Yes, exactly a month! The fact that there is little to raise the site to search engines, it still needs to keep there. This is called the support site. If such an order the prices scare you, then your option - order to promote your site for freelancer ("freelancer" translated... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2011 at Shwagger Internet
Businesses today simply can not do without computer technology. More recently, the computer represents many ordinary typewriter, but he has now become an indispensable tool, and combines the functions of phonebook, organizer, calculator, and the myriad of other necessities. The widespread use of computers makes it necessary to their service, because they, like all existing machines are not immune from variety of malfunctions and breakdowns. In companies the number of computers can reach several tens, sometimes hundreds, and troubleshooting business owners frequently use such services as subscription service computers, with which you can completely replace the system administrator and save money. The term "computer service" means a systematic troubleshooting, as well as tuning and optimization of various programs and networks. We can always negotiate with a service company and expand the list of service delivery. It is worth noting that the use of this kind has some serious advantages: - the cost of subscription services is much lower than the wages that you pay a system administrator, although the quality of services does not yield. - Computer wizard usually specializes in any field of it, but otherwise is not a full person. When ordering a subscription service you will be assisted by several employees of a narrow structure, which experts in a particular area. - Finally, periodically goes on vacation every administrator, and therefore your computer will be a while unattended. Serving the company with significant staff and are ready at any time to provide the necessary assistance. Probably the only significant disadvantage of customer service computers is that the response time of these services may be several hours, and time, as they say - and sometimes big money. To summarize, I will say that contract computer maintenance will not prevent every company in which the number of computers is... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2011 at Shwagger Internet
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Feb 6, 2011