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hey I watched that game AND the NZ game (at least most of it) after that. I know you're happy for me
ricketts...milking the situation carson...milking my patience
ivespn, is eddie lewis the secret weapon or will he get torched by houston's midfield speed?
beerholder is so slow that i never even knew he was a lefty
la needed a goal out of 1st half...i know houston is going to put one by us in 2nd half
there's been more action at the pechanga resort than there's been for brian ching
never understood why la never paired becks with fast cheap forward like oduro. ld doesn't count because he floats too much.
let's play more balls to ld in the air.
good thing Davis can't shoot with his right foot
rb? interesting...i've never seen him play there. has he? I know he's defending well tonight!
I think ives fell asleep. sweet irony there
no, jp, ld is just mad at the bad call, not the carson electric company
oduro will be a b*tch in 2nd half
de la garza - good results so far
I'll go with the stach and he is actually a prick
becks with some successful moves. unusual for him
ld giveaway becks giveaway i really dont think the game will get going until 2nd half and teams settle
becks another foul...he's just asking for it
maybe they'll cancel halftime and play right through.
there are 31 ladies of mls fans who just had their quiet time interrupted by a disgruntled hubby. birthrates rise.
alan gordon just found time to go out and give his girls' team a pep talk