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Hello Mr. Cosby, One parent with one troubled child would be hard pressed to undo the nonsense that bullying has become. Schools need to have policies and procedures in place to address bullies. We need to also be aware that the bully sitting in the office, alot of times is just one of many perpetrators. The policies need to bring together the kids involved along with their parent/guardian, school personnel, law enforcement agencies, counselors (anyone else who would be helpful) in a round table to get to the bottom of the matter. Not unlike the medical community does in an effort to create a 'care plan' for patients. This is an opportunity to make the kids aware of the consequences of their behaviors if they choose to continue bullying. As well as make any adults in these childrens' lives aware and empowered to intervene. Continued conseling may be necessary for the kids and/or the families. ($$$ -?) The kids need to be empowered to recognize and choose not to follow their peers especially in wrong doing. Kids are being seriously injured. Law enforcement and schools need to bend their rigid ways and change with the times. I believe, if they were more fluid in handling problems many more kids would seek assistance early on. To report these CRIMES one needs to be confident that the accusations would not be dismissed or belittled and handled with professionalism and confidentiality. Bullying is a nice way of saying our children are involved in gang activity. Not at the same level of the street gangs we associate 'gangs' with, but gangs nonetheless. (There are codes of behavior, a 'pecking order'/hierarchy within the groups, peer pressures and a need/feeling rewarded to be accepted by the group.) (P.S. - All of this is in hindsight. When my daughter was going through a similar situation, she was well aware that her mother 'was crazy', and would be at that school ASAP. (This was of no comfort to her.) Out of school suspension is only a temporary reprieve from the inevitable. There was nothing in place to protect her in my absence and that seemed to outweigh everything else, according to my daughters' decisions at the time. She is 29 yrs. old now, and that is a haunting vision. To think, it wasn't sooo bad back then.) Thank you for your love and care.
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@BillCosby The behavior of kids/teens we bear witness to in the media is nothing new. Years ago, my daughter was subject to taunts and bullies. Girls rode 'her bus' home from school with intentions on 'jumping her after school.' To my horror, I went to see why she wasn't coming in the door at the usual time to find a group of girls yelling from down the street and my child gathering her belongings sprawled about the street. Her friends/neighboorhood kids laughed and acted as if they had never know her. My pain as a parent, for my child was indescribable. She is a non-confrontational person to this day. I was preparing to home school if need be to rectify the situation. That situation resolved itself with a change in schools. What is new are the social networking, far-reaching, unrelenting taunts and venom. Not so long ago, a bully could be avoided, somewhat. Nowadays, there is no escape. The INVISIBLE bullies follow these kids into the home. There may be one or numbers unimaginable nipping at the heels of the 'target'. Like popcorn, taking turns 'tormenting & heckling', they rally. I attribute the behavior to parenting or lack of parenting. To take pleasure in the intensionly inflicted pain of another is worthy of a diagnosis and a history lesson. Schools need to be more accountable for kids in their 'mandatory' care.
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Mar 31, 2010