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Sidra Vitale
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Just to embarrassingly fangirl Jeremy in front of his sibling: I love your photography *so much*! But I keep needing my money for other things (rent, new glasses, veterinary bills, keeping a friend from eviction) so I still years after first seeing your work have yet to purchase a Jeremy Wheaton print of my very own. Someday. *sigh*. Someday.
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Oh, wow, these are just awesome!
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Happy Birthday to Wil (and NASA)!
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I was very intrigued by the proposition that colony collapse disorder might be contributed to by air pollutants interfering with bees' finding flowers (by destroying scent molecules bees rely on). (WaPo article here) I wonder if beekeepers whose bees are "right by" flower patches have been observed to be less likely to collapse.
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"...but the best I can do is 'I was a kid, I was scared, and I didn't know any better.'" That's a very self-aware conclusion that shows a lot of compassion for your younger self. I think our past selves need compassion and understanding as much as the people around us in our present do.
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I've never liked fiction in audiobook format, but I'll listen to radio programs, and the occasional non-fiction. Am I the only one? Have I just never had the right audiobook?
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