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Abomination, Anathema, Abhorrent? Welcome back, RFB. Thanks, Wil!
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I started watching hockey at about the same age you did. My father's bosses had season tickets to the Islanders when they joined the NHL. They were lousy their first two seasons, so we were able to go to about 10-15 games each year. I was hooked, even though they were losing. They started getting good too quickly (j/k), so my source of free thrills dried up, but I got to root for a cup winner (four years straight!) after only seven years. Fast forward to my adult life; my latest move was to Colorado in the late 80s and was without a local team until the Nordiques bolted Quebec to become the Avs. Married to a from-birth Canadiens fan, what else could we do but split with friends on season tickets. Wouldn't you know, they won a cup that first year. We were there for the Lemieux check on Draper, for the sixth-game win against the Red Wings (suck!) and the first game of the finals against the Panthers. Nothing better than that (well, in sports). Seeing your excitement over the past few weeks brings back the feelings for me. With neither of my teams in the playoffs this year, you had me cheering along with you. Thanks for giving me a team to cheer for this year. Enjoy the rush!
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Since it's Valentine's Day (and will be still within the reach of it next week), do you have any stories about Anne and you as touching as the one you told about your son last year? I'm definitely going formal, as I lost enough weight (more pounds than you have years) to fit into my son's high school prom tuxedo, and I can't pass up the opportunity to wear it.
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It was wonderful seeing you "out" your family. Angela has posted a video of you answering an "anonymous question" on the cruise, which put a tear into many of our eyes:
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2011 on In which I am a proud father at WWdN: In Exile
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