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If course, doing AA as a render-buffer pass requires a loss of detail, while doing it at fragment shading time requires an increase - FXAA might be lower requirements, but it's objectively worse. Myself, I hate the overly even smoothness (or "blurryness") and inconsistent element volume across movement, to the point it's sampling AA or nothing for me. This is easier when you have a 2560x1440 monitor - still only 110 dpi, but it's getting there (come *on* manufacturers, I want my 300 dpi monitor, then it doesn't *matter* if I can't render at that resolution or read unscaled text - re-sampling doesn't look like crap!) And yeah, don't use .jpgs of non-integer zooms for images about image quality. And don't have textures as a major image element - mipmaps neatly solve aliasing for them. And those wires are being drawn with a shader (a Half-life 2 technique, I think), so they don't alias as badly, even with no AA option enabled.
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Dec 7, 2011