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This debacle reminds me of the early days of DVD, when they were little more than VHS copies transferred to the new medium. There was almost no attempt made to get the most out of the "versatile discs", instead you pretty much ended up with the same quality images and (maybe slightly better) sound, only with a break in the middle where you had to turn over the disc, or where the player had to skip back 1/2 way through to continue playing the film. Sure you got a 'menu' that allowed you to choose where in the film you wanted to go, but it was pretty poor. Thankfully DVD's these days are somewhat better, bluray also, but I still feel they're not making the most of the format, that it is misunderstood and much of what's dumped on the disc as extras as nice-to-have but add nothing after watching them one. Sure I'm interested in the making of... and it's great to see interviews but it's still just video playing
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Apr 12, 2012