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SirRogue added a favorite at WWdN: In Exile
May 1, 2012
Dude, I LOVE this shirt! I drove like a maniac after work to reach the J!NX offices in San Diego before closing last Tuesday so I could pick mine up before departing for the Origins Game Faire this past weekend. It was a BIG hit; all my GMs loved it, and several folks at the con asked where they could acquire it! As for Rules Lawyering stories, I have many and varied examples, but my favorite actually comes from a card game, not an RPG. My friend Dan and I were playing in the Star Trek CCG regional event up in Mountain View, at the largest game shop I've ever seen. There were 60 of us playing, plus two more Magic drafts happening at the same time, and folks playing Quake on the lines of computers bordering the walls. Dan was playing his favorite reckless Klingon deck, including a card called "Klingon Death Yell" which specifies: When your Klingon with Honor is killed, 'yell to warn the dead' and score 5 points." Dan loved dropping this card on folks and yelling at the top of his lungs to really rattle his opponent. Also, the rest of us found it hilarious. By the third round and him having played this 2-3 times a game, the owner game over to our tournament director and spake a line that has been oft quoted in our circles ever since: "Could you ask him to stop that? He's scaring the Magic players." The TD laughed but nodded, and Dan agreed to desist. Two rounds later, Dan's opponent called the TD over for a ruling when Dan attempted to play the card and score some points for his Klingon personnel's death. The opponent insisted that since Dan hadn't 'yelled to warn the dead' as specified on the card, then he couldn't have the points. The TD laughed, then realized the guy wasn't joking. Luckily the TD was not as uptight as Dan's opponent and awarded him the points.
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Wow, thank you so much for sharing this moment with LaVar and Jonathan. Knowing the journey you've taken, it was very touching to know you got that coda and were able to appreciate it now with old friends. Tearing up at work now! Phoenix CC sounds like it's becoming a real blast! We are starting to think we should skip SDCC and head to Phoenix next year!
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Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences with us, Scott. This is a very special show, and it means a lot to us fans to hear how special these characters are to the actors who play them as well. Thank you for your Jason Street and for what he (and you) brought to FNL!
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Hey Wil, you should really check out Wizards' Living Forgotten Realms to get your gaming fix. LFR is essentially regularly scheduled pick-up games of D&D, organized by authorized DM volunteers running standard modules for about 4 hours of gaming fun. The nice thing is, you don't have to show up every week, have the same group every time, or even have the same DM, but you can still maintain a regular character, gain XP, loot, and levels in the LFR universe. They are run at local game stores, or even online, if you can find a group doing that. The modules are a little light on the role-playing and more heavy on the let's-go-kill-stuff, but I think that's understandable, given the format. They generally have decent plots and are idea for what you are talking about above, with the Dungeon Delve, just being able to find people and play when you get the hankering. You can even maintain multiple characters if you which to try something new, switch back and forth, etc. You should definitely check it out!
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Aww, Wil, no San Diego love? I thought you were coming down to Mysterious Galaxy?
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Damn, that was an awesome keynote, man. I really enjoyed it, and being only a year or three behind you, totally related to your references. :) In related, though somewhat asinine, references to childhood arcade games, I thought you'd find it amusing that someone apparently wants to make a movie of Joust. Seriously.
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Ugh. Yeah, I frequently have nearly identical conversations with my wife. I really prefer to pile them on top of the dresser so that I can see them easily and find the one I want, rather than dig through drawers! What they really need to make is a dresser where the front of the drawer is hinged and folds down (like some filing cabinets) so one can see all the shirts without pulling them all out. Whoever puts that together gets my money! P.S. We listened to your keynote online last night. It was awesome!
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Chin up, Wil. Snobby critics love to take pot shots like that to make them seem clever and feel better about themselves. You've been far more successful than he implies since The Show That Must Not Be Named, just in other areas. The fact that most of his audience knows this will just make him look that more idiotic. Don't stress it, you still da Man. :D
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