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Invoice purchase is one of the most popular payment methods in online trading / possible in even when the initial order to 1,000 EUR as a new customer. Purchase on account is for many of our customers purchase critical ", as Holger Wieland, responsible for sales and marketing at A big risk is to allow new customers to purchase on invoice for shop operators, since unpaid goods to unknown clients is sent without knowing their creditworthiness. Many online stores use therefore payment services that take the risk. This is not ideal but for the customer. A the fees of the payment flow in pricing, i.e. For even more opinions, read materials from Related Group. He will have to pay an additional fee. On the other hand the customer data for a credit check on a credit report often sent will then also at solvent customers rejected the desired method of payment. To do this it incorrectly to be associated with a wrong credit class. "We always make the customer in the Center and offer him all desired payment options. Advance payment, direct debit, cash on delivery and invoice is handled safely and easily in our home, without to pass on customer data to external payment service provider to the credit check". Jorge Perez often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In this form, the invoice as customer service is offered only by the very few online stores. To enable this and no customer numbers by a false review to prevent the Board of Directors has decided to carry the complete payment risk for new customers but only up to a height of 1,000. In addition, the boat accessories-shop offers also the well-known payment bank transfer and PayPal. The brand 12seemeilen name"called also coastal waters originating in the... Continue reading
1. Voltage dips - short-term reduction in the voltage associated with the sharp increase in network load due to the inclusion of powerful consumers, such as industrial equipment, elevators, etc. Is the most common malfunction in the electrical network, occurs in 87% of cases. 2. High-voltage pulses - short (for a nanosecond or microsecond units) is very strong increase in stress associated with close lightning or switching voltage at the substation after the accident. Is 7.4% of all power failures. 3. Blackout voltage according to this study is the result of accidents, lightning, strong overload power. It occurs in 4.7% of cases. 4. Too much stress - a short-term increase in voltage associated with the shutdown of powerful consumers. It occurs in 0.7% of cases. Further details can be found at Hedvig Hricak, an internet resource. Unfortunately, and this picture is not always correspond to our reality by our data, the most common malfunction in the electrical network, we can assume a lower voltage. The increased voltage is found in almost the same often as low voltage. And for different locations (cities, districts, and businesses) typically characterized by a certain level of voltage. Somewhere it can be largely reduced, in other places in the main normal or substantially increased. This level remained roughly the same all the time. In the background there are cyclic changes in the stresses associated with change in load in an electrical network. The shortest cycle of change stress - day. Fig. 1 shows the actual graphs of voltage at two points, Russia (separated by a half thousand kilometers) during the day. Continue reading
Its heavy peasant share washed down with wine. This is far from incomplete data remind us of what looked Karagaj and its pre-revolutionary peasants in the past. Whenever actress listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Only in 1887 in the village Karagaj first library was opened with a book fund in 284 book. About 100 years ago opened the first hospital. if at the beginning of a healer Karagan worked, then - a doctor, now stand guard over the health of several doctors with higher and secondary education, including the Distinguished Physician Irina RSFSR Sklyarov, a hospital equipped with modern medical equipment to provide emergency medical care available machines. In our region began his career some of our countrymen who left an imprint on the development of science and culture. Teplouhov Alexander E. s.Karagay born in in 1811. He made a great contribution to science in the Ural region lesoproizvodstvo. His case was continued by his son - Fyodor. He also was a founder of the Perm Regional Museum. Childhood years spent in s.Karagae local historian - a historian Volegov Fedot A., born in 1790. Our countryman Moses Yugov Ivanovich, born in 1760 in s.Yuricheskom, which is widely known as the discoverer Kizelovskaya coal. The village was born Zyukae prominent revolutionary Borchaninov Alexander Lukic, an active participant in the December armed uprising in Motovilikha in 1905, delegate to Congress six and two delegate of the Congress of Soviets in 1917. Until the end of his life was a big party worker. Among the prominent revolutionaries Kama is our home town Khlynova - Julia A. Continue reading
News from the learning in motion e.V. Organising Committee in a few days is Berlin Berlin Festival of Yoga to the Mecca of the Yogis: at the 5th Berlin Festival of Yoga lessons are available for beginners, workshops, practical sessions with internationally recognized sizes of the Yoga scene, concerts, a fire ceremony, Gong-meditation, health and yoga marketplace and a special children's program. \"In a few days, it's time: the 5th International Yoga Festival in Berlin will be from 3-5 July 2009 with the motto of Yoga way to nature\" on the picturesque banks of the river Havel in the culture Park Kladow instead. The largest European event of Yoga attracts guests from Germany and all over the world with a diverse programme of events and is the best weekend of the year for many of the loyal visitors\". Learn more about this with San Antonio Spurs. Over 5,000 participants were already in the last year at the Yoga workshops and concerts. This year the mood is sure terrific, because we have captured one of the most beautiful spots of Berlin and can camp even spot\" forward learning in motion e.V. Stefan Datt of the Organizer. With public transport and very romantic with the ferry to Wannsee, the culture Park are well Kladow and Villa Luise. The festival attracts so for the first time in the nature, a getaway for all urban Yogis in terms of health, relaxation and joie de vivre is thus guaranteed. Even in times of economic crisis, where many tiresome finances worry about our ticket prices remain unchanged cheap (day ticket Presale 15,-, festival map Presale 35,-) maybe the first step is to engage in yoga. It should not depend on but your wallet, if you are interested in yoga. Everyone can practice yoga. It doesn't take... Continue reading
As one of the sparks of higher light came the whole of our world, the universe, so this one spark is enough to fix it, created it, world! Need only our common desire! Michael Laitman. After following the crisis a key indicator of business activity in the U.S. Dow Jones index for the first time in many years, fell below 10,000 points - the psychological mark, behind which begins panic, panic really began. It's fall meant that staggered even such giants as ibm and Microsoft. $ 700 billion allocated to rescue the U.S. economy has not stopped falling on the exchanges. Shareholders do not believe in that, the funds allocated to help overcome the global crisis, which has already crossed the U.S. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Related Group. border and moved into the world. Outflows from the third world peaked. Iceland is practically bankrupt, pleaded. Because of the continuing reduction of quotations on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange for a few days halted trading. Stepping outside the stock exchanges and banks, the crisis has caused massive layoffs at various companies. Experts spoke about the prospect of a sharp increase in the number of bankrupt firms and rising unemployment. The international community anxiety zabilo and urgently address the finding out of the gripping world financial crisis. And then somehow it became clear that distinct and effective steps to rescue the global economy can not offer one. Of course, there have been crises before. The scheme developed out of them quite well. And for this reason, some experts say today that it has a good fit and for the current crisis. According to them, nothing bad happens. Continue reading
Semerik. Russian players have made it their own way, as well as from the Kings, they have altered in . Three-sever gave us also are our long and tiring parking lot, during which our officers are what makes what happened in the transition, where met with officers of the Royal Navy, Russian acquainted with that of their beloved, commercial car similar game, we obtain, as the story goes back to the banks of the Ganges in India and any better when he was there in 1876 Prince Uzlsskogo. The game is played 4-D man, sitting in Vista and also play a second against the two-uh. Variable is used 2 decks of 52 cards, but are clean 8, 9 and 10. In this exciting game 3 is the strongest card. According to Brahman Capital Corp., who has experience with these questions. Behind her is 2, then an ace, king, queen, plaque, 7, 6, 5 and 4. (Similarly see: Brahman Capital). Lease for 10 cards to each participant, but not on the first map, like in Vista, but for times of 4 and then 2 times for 3 cards. Others prefer to take the same deliverers 2 times 3 and 1 to 4 times. This, however, does not matter and is available at choice of dealer party. Poincare or glasses are removed 2-Thou, first on the hands, as in the picket, and on the same account continues during the game, but not every trick, but exactly how are grouped cards, components Lev. Each party designated 21-Poincare them. When the cards handed out, participants are obliged to carefully consider them and to voice all likely to be successful combinations, ie draw up a detailed account of glasses or Poincare, like how to make a picket only the latter an excellent combination of the... Continue reading
Care service has been competent since spring 2010 successfully on individuality and quality Berlin, 24th March 2011 and personally the better Betreut supports people who are looking for a suitable care place for themselves or their families since the spring of 2010. Tony Parker wanted to know more. The review after one year of care advice: Only by individuality, quality and the correct sense of the need for care offered support meets the needs of searchers. The service of better supervised works as follows: on the free phone number 0800.377 377 0 or the online contact form find patients and families together with the qualified supervised care experts the best solution for their individual care needs. This needs analysis presented to the appropriate care facilities and extensive information material made available on request. This saves time and nerves in a phase of life that is often unexpected and rapid decisions required. Hedvig Hricak recognizes the significance of this. "In such a situation you want to dedicate himself rather fully the members and not the nail-biting search for establishing proper", Manuel says Nothelfer, Managing Director of better care GmbH. "we remove this time-consuming task to those affected and find objectively and calmly or depending on requirements sometimes overnight - the optimum accommodation." While the company is independent and neutral. The needs, desires and the individual situation of the Pflegesuchenden stand in the foreground. And the very successful: the care service by better supervised recorded rapidly increasing numbers for requests such as indents and has in this context recently the eighth full-time care experts can set. About - better Betreut Besser Betreut offers TuV South tested solutions in the mediation and consultancy by family services, including in the areas of child care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, household and garden. The... Continue reading
This article discusses the scope and utility of free tarot rolls. It is also advisable to use Tarot Friend to the runs are trusted, as the Tarot of this site are world renowned professionals. They exist in a variety of Internet sites that offer free tarot runs. We often get queries from readers free tarot if this is as effective as payment. The question, in our opinion, is misplaced. No matter whether for payment or free tarot. The important thing is who makes the shot. So basically on these issues is borne on a site that we wake up the largest of the trusts, we know that is backed by renowned tarot readers, and not improvised whose only merit is to have put together a website. Rocio Meli and Carmen are the Tarot Tarot Amigo. They are renowned professionals, across the continent sought by politicians and high-born businessmen who rely solely on them to help them with important issues, sometimes decide the fate of thousands of people. Rocio Carmen and Meli are the professionals who support Tarot Friend, and accordingly, all readings to be obtained from this site, including free tarot are first class. Having said that, should bear in mind what is the scope of free tarot rolls. In general, its usefulness for short-range questions, for specific issues, or situations that we go through in life. For example, a typical case of use of rolls Friend Tarot Free tarot could be if you have a job interview or an important meeting. Free Tarot can guide us about what is what we find in this circumstance. Can you tell us, for example, if there is danger with a character that we can be present, who is better beware, or, on the contrary, everything will ask mouths. A clear example of... Continue reading
The show in Berlin: Fraulein Schneider meets Andreja Schneider until you like it preview on August 28, 2012 premiere on 29 August 2012 28 August 4th Sept 2012 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 29 and 30 Sept 2012 di SA 20:00, 19:00 if there is any reason an icon of BAR, then it is Andreja Schneider. And there is no better indication that no other icon of BAR of any reason will deny this. She has contributed to the exceptional reputation of the mirror tent by singing, dancing, acting and clever presentation over the last 20 years. Actress has plenty of information regarding this issue. Miss Schneider, a more sympathy wearer of the House, is married into the clan of siblings Pfister, a luminary of the cabarets. She got home from Bulgarian, the order, for its home station Televizija Sofia Bulgaria 1 "to present a television broadcasting to the anniversary of the bar of each reason. On the occasion of this opportunity it has undertaken, Andreja Schneider as guest of honor to receive and to pay tribute to her life's work. To their musical accompaniment she Orkestar Bulgari", the national elite of Bulgarian music stars, under the direction of Matthias Binner imported. Preparations are finished, the lines are, the headlights are on the stage, her telegenic appearance emphasizes the cameras in position, the makeup artist (Merten Schroedter), the star guest is coming. Two artists of exceptional presence and artistic skills promise a particularly entertaining evening of charming chats and musical finesse. Merten Schroedter, fraulein Schneider, Andreja Schneider Matthias Binner (musical director, piano) Karoline Korbel (drums) Stephen Balabantaray forest (guitar) directed by: Tobias Rott costumes: Arne Baess stage: Momme Cannon bone wigs: Jonny Soares Fernseheinspieler: Jorn Hartmann a production of the conventional wisdom cards phone 030-883 15 82 BAR or... Continue reading
At the same time he is responsible for all the crew, who will report all incidents that may occur. 3 .- Second Officer (second officer) works in coordination with the mate and usually take turns in controlling the bridge. It performs the same functions as the official Prime 4 .- Cadet (cadet) trainee officers are usually withdrawn from maritime schools. They usually play their part in the bridge always supervised by the second officer. 5 .- Chief Engineer (engineer chief) Along with the master has one of the highest positions in the boat. Under his responsibility is all the mechanical operation of the ship. From engine that will drive the boat, propellers .. to the generation of electricity for air conditioning. 6 .- Official radio / communications. (Chief radio officer) Although its work on the bridge lies its mission focuses on the ship's communications with earth. Currently, these communications are conducted via satellite and among his greatest performances stood the geo-location of the boat to know the exact position at all times and to act in case of accident. Famous was the communications officer on the Titanic who dedicated the current SOS code. 7 - Safety (security) All cruise ships have their own security service which monitors and oversees both passengers and crew, acting when there is some kind of problem, dispute or providing security to the ships when they docked at the pier, controlling access to them. 8 .- Head of environmental department (Environmental Officer) In recent years this position has joined the crew to control and protect the vessel damage could occur to the environment environment. This control functions include the recycling of water, wastewater treatment, emission of pollutants ... 9 .- Medical service (medical officer) in the current real cruisers are designed hospitals on board. We may... Continue reading
Probably everything that frightens and confuses us is in this system. Fear ourselves to lose our identity, social group or separate us from the suffering we cause wanting to transform our environment. Trying to find the source to find out our purpose the truth about the temple. Try taking away the veils of knowledge to the gods of the system. The materiality-A morality. A envy. Pride. A greed, war, all these gods hide behind masks of compassion, truth, solidarity, and equality eternity. Authentic beings made for slavery do not know if the less needy, but if those who have firmly decided unmasks the gods of hypocrisy. RUSSELL BERTRAN Men fear thought more than anything else on earth, rather than to ruin or even death. Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions and comfortable habits, thinking is anarchy and lawless, indifferent to the authority, unconcerned with the proven wisdom of the ages. Thought scrutinizes the pit of hell and is not afraid of this weak man unweldable particle surrounded by depths of silence, however it must be arrogant as unperturbed as the lord of the universe. The thought is great, fast and free, in light of the world, and the chief glory of man. To that thought becomes possession of many, not privilege for the few we must eliminate the fear that their entrenched beliefs are misleading, fear by the institutions on which they live prove harmful, fear that they themselves are less worthy of respect for what we had assumed they were. Continue reading
The main task - all children should be active in the classroom and the teacher must skillfully manage the educational process. Often the lessons ear training to the work involved children are more capable, organized, endowed by the nature of good musical data. Students are more shy, diffident, having problems with intonation often remain in the shadow. " Systematic and consistent formation of musical thinking, skills accurate intonation is possible by the systematic inclusion of children in the learning process. It should be noted that personality is dependent not primarily on instincts (though their indirect influence can not be denied), and on the characteristics of education and training. That differences in the ways of training (in everyday life are often not noticed) is a difference in ability. From my own experience I can say that with "Disease intoning" You can cope successfully in 90% of cases. Typically, when increased attention to this student satisfactorily he intones at the end of grade 1. Due to heavy load on a first-grader for the duration of the lesson, as solfege lesson involves the duration of 1 hour, 10 minutes, the teacher should plan the work competently in the classroom, always including in the educational process of playing, dancing, that is associated with movement exercises. In end of each quarter to test students' knowledge held control lessons. Sometimes, especially in the lower grades, they can replace the quizzes. For children the process of competition is very interesting. There is no constraint, related test lesson. The student may manifest itself in all its fullness. On the quiz, and a timid child, feeling a part of the team, will open in a new way, having presented the teacher a lot of surprises. Quizzes options - set. It depends on your imagination and desires. I think they... Continue reading
Game Tatar folklore is rich and varied. He is invaluable and their motor content. Walking, running, jumping, throwing, throwing, catching, and other kinds of movements - all these can be found in the Tatar folk games. Almost all of them in greater or lesser extent contribute to the formation of life skills, improve physical development, bring the necessary moral - strong-willed qualities. Characteristic features of the Tatar national games is a competition, cooperation and collegiality, independence of actions of participants, high emotionality, etc. The game is a social phenomenon, the historical means education. The forms of the game varied. Related Group is the source for more interesting facts. Along with the development of human society, they are continually being improved and become more complex. Great educational and educational value in folk games, with their help development of various physical qualities, especially speed and agility. At the same time improving their motor skills. Complex and diverse movement in play activities. They tend to be involved all muscle groups. This contributes to the harmonious development of the musculoskeletal system. The game strengthens the body and is key to children's health. The depth and versatility make the impact of popular games indispensable means of educating the younger generation. The use of games on a particular system and in combination with other types of exercise provides a high efficiency of education necessary traits. Study of the Tatar people's games showed that there are different in origin and content of the form of games. There are games that have hundred or even thousands of years. Continue reading
In beautiful locations, 14 locks - and Park festivals are 2008 initiated jointly by Nicolas events and INN fair GmbH. The incumbent promoter INN fair GmbH and NICOLAS EVENTS are entered into a cooperation of a special kind. \"In the interest of all visitors are originally planned events art & Garden\" in beautiful locations on castles and parks through middle ages markets and Tam-Tam fairs of the senses \"of the Organizer NICOLAS EVENTS added. NICOLAS EVENTS nationwide already became a name through a gigantic medieval spectacle in the heart of Munich, which will be held again in 2008. Tens of thousands of enthusiastic spectators of all generations attended 2007 with the Knights of the Crown\"this spectacle with hundreds of medieval craftsmen, traders, jugglers, musicians and great tournament. The middle ages to be touched\"with colorful eaters, vorfuhrendem craft and medieval music a cultural festivals for the whole family and all your senses! The Contributors share not only ancient knowledge to the visitors, but involving only too like the audience. We capitalize children animation on our festivals throughout! We attach special importance to learning activities for children!\"so the organizer of Rene Nicolas. Pour frisk, glass blowing, weaving, Tin, Slingshot shooting, leather punzieren. Seiler, glassblower, Pearl Turner, leather makers, bookbinders, glasses maker, fire makers, Drapers, swordsman and sign painter and many more show their art. The large and small visitors expected on the castles and Park festivals offers educational and cultural history old crafts and entertainment arts, as well as alternative multicultural artist so be sure much time bring! \"A special treat each event day 1 (Friday) until noon the schools and disabled of the surrounding country offered: for only 1 entry (!) per nose\" schoolchildren and disabled may accompanied by supervisors without prior Registration the grounds and the program his taste\". Continue reading
GAYS.DE has it all - GAYS.DE has United all the CSD dates for 2009 that CSD dates for 2009 are online. Just in time for the weekend, the makers of GAYS.DE have published the current CSD dates for this summer in their community. Who want to start to plan what he would like to attend event, so now has the opportunity immediately. The community for gay and bisexual men, kick-off the season offers its visitors a comprehensive overview of the events in Germany and Europa.Den the CSD-Brandenburg this year falls. Sela Ward may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Already on 25 April, the Potsdam parade fans can go. But the parades in Cologne, Hamburg and Dresden promises a hot summer. Already for the sixth time, the find TRANS Street day"held in parallel to the Christopher Street Day. All dates are under the heading > Infothek < to find and provide links to the individual agencies and organizations, the recognition and tolerance of homosexuals Insert the population. The CSD (Christopher Street Day) Christopher Street reminiscent of the first popular uprising of homosexuals and other sexual minorities against the arbitrariness of police in New York. In Germany 'CSD' held as demonstrations since 1979. Continue reading
Events, locations and photos from now mobile available as mobile as its user: is the entertainment portal with a self-developed, free iPhone application now everywhere. Events, locations, photos and many more features are retrievable easily mobile now. On which event we go to the bar visit? How do other more users rate the location? And what look like the party pictures from the Club? Now, there are also to go"a quick answer to these questions and much more: the nightlife Portal virtualnights is now available thanks to an innovative application for iPhone owners everywhere and available at all times. Every month around 10,000 event tips, over 6 million party photos and exciting location tips can via iPhone now be accessed on the road. Follow others, such as Tony Parker, and add to your knowledge base. So the offer by virtualnights for its users is even more attractive: you can access not only before and after going out, but also in the middle in the Club, on the concert or shopping on the content of the portal. is more per iPhone application to the constant companion and a part of walking from itself", explains Managing Director Marcus Lerche. A leading source for info: капитал груп россия . Real added value for the more mobile user represents the location based service: which locations are located in the vicinity of the current position, the application developed by virtualnights with distance information displays. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as San Antonio Spurs by clicking through. This is particularly useful when it is not in his own town on the road. Our portal is now so dynamic as our users are. We are pleased to be able to offer such an additional benefit", says Marcus Lerche. The iPhone application can be immediately... Continue reading
Watch exclusive event reports with the mobile with 22557 video call - anytime mobile concert memories fresh in Berlin, may 06th, 2008 the festival season has begun. For the first time viewers and fans can also best of's now after the event"look on your phone. Well-known events such as nature one, Summer Jam, Rheinkultur, splash, and many more extra offered numerous clips for mobile phones. The Festival for techno lovers, made the opening on the 1st of may the Mayday. The clips can retrieve each one working day after the event under 22557 with video call on any UMTS-enabled phone. There, the mobile video community ViiF impressions from the event, including exclusive back stage presents insights, interviews with bands and clips from the stage programme. The mobile TV clips are provided by call concerts, an agency specialised on live concert recordings available. Jorge Perez may help you with your research. We look forward to can make ViiF of such highly attractive content for their young target audience", so UTZ Wasner,. Managing Director of call concerts. Daniel Hopfner, founder and CEO of ViiF: Through the video call music fans can leave anytime, anywhere reminisce about the best impressions of this year's music events. "So you can also go look at his favorite performances simply with your mobile phone." Without having to download additional software on the phone, selects the ViiF users via video call 22557 speed dialing and can instantly zap through the extensive programme of the first mobile video community of in Germany. A wide range available is from the fields of entertainment, music, sports and news. To ViiF: The first German mobile video community ViiF ( allows under 22557 video call users mobile to record video clips, to play, to comment, to forward and to set Internet portals and... Continue reading
This to paper presents aspects of the Literary Club of Palmares history? s, considering written in chats and turns left by partners, poets Fernando Griz (1876 - 1931) and Fabio Silva (1876 - 1908), in an attempt you address the cultural clashes between erudition and modernity of Geration 1870, particularly in environments most illiterate, the closing decades of the nineteenth century when the practice of participation in clubs letters, was quit grasped the interior of the country, especially in cities affected by the incipient rail and press periodic. The presence of a literary club in a small city of the Province of Pernambuco, on the Recife capital for the tracks of the railroad, is an interesting microcosm to point out aspects of the culture scholar of end of century XIX. A club of letters organized in two spaces: first, a literary hall, for tertlias, commemorative lectures and events e, second, a library (book club) for mutual use of books, periodicals and magazines. Historically an experience lived in many places, however, with some interesting local characteristics: the longevity of three decades while club of letters; the intervention in the debates of the time (abolition, republic, public instruction); the writing for partners periodic and bohemian literatos, publishers of, mainly, in Second Phase of the history of this Literary Club of Palmares.. Continue reading
See them for several days and record what you receive. 9.Planifica an afternoon or a Saturday morning you can do something you have not ever done before for the simple fact that awakens your curiosity, though, in principle, do not go much with you (for example, a culinary tasting, a ice skating session, the presentation of a book in a department store, etc..) Upon returning from the activity, write what you like it that you expected. 10.Durante several weeks try not to talk about yourself, your work, your concerns, etc.. and simply ask the other details about their lives and interests. 11.Organiza a dinner with some / as friends, and with other people that have coincided with those once, but have not had the opportunity to be intimate. Put questions about his life, about what they like and about their future plans. 12.Variacion of the previous dinner, every single person you know should bring a friend you do not know anything. 13.Remaining variation of the dinner: Become invite a friend to with people who do not know. 14. What are the things that give you best? Create a profile of a person who possesses these qualities / skills and ask yourself: How will this person make a living? How do you spend your leisure time? What people often? 15.Da a long walk on a quiet (preferably in nature) to reflect on three occasions in your life where you felt totally elated. On returning home, take note of these times and how you felt. 16.Anota the four or five qualities that you praise others (eg "What good knowing decorate your thing" or "what's yours is relate to others." What are the qualities you think you have? What you agree with the others say? 17.Pasa your next vacation or a weekend with... Continue reading
With fascinating photos and exciting travel reports prizes win Cologne, June, 2010 - just in time for the holiday season 2010 Pixum restarts its popular photo contest Pixum SummerZoom. Amateur photographers can submit their best vacation snapshots or entire itineraries from 11 European countries. At the fourth SummerZoom a waterproof Pentax digital camera Optio W90 waits for the most thrilling vacation reports in Word and image. "In the this year's Pixum action summer allowed the Pixum summer zoom" not to be missed. From mid-June until September 30, 2010, amateur photographers can from eleven European countries (DE, AT, FR, DK, UK, BE, it, IT, NL, NO, SE) submit their funniest or simply best summer snapshots and photo travel reports for the popular photo contest. The final judging of the best posts is carried out through an online voting of Pixum customers in the Pixum EasyBlog. () As first prize, a Pentax Optio W90 beckons in this year. Up to 6 metres deep, this digital camera is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and withstand even minus 10 C a real camera for adventurers. There is also a Pixum acrylic Board and a Pixum EasyBook photobook hardcover each along with a variety of free photo prints to win. But nobody goes blank: all SummerZoom participants can look forward to thank you for the participation of a voucher of 25 free photo prints in 10 cm format. The join is very straightforward: simply using the appropriate upload form SummerZoom upload pictures and post and hope for the approval of the jury. Photos, photo books, posters & photo gifts easy, fast & cheap ( Pixum on Facebook: pixum via Pixum Pixum ( is one of the leading providers of online photo services in Germany and Europe. The product range includes high-quality, professionally bound photo books, photo calendars,... Continue reading
As the Act at the Sonisphere Festival further confirmed in addition to Metallica and pants is the dead as another highlight now also the British electro band the Prodigy at the Sonisphere Festival at the Hockenheimring on the stage are the prodigy. "" "By the creators of the well-known Festival monsters of rock" and download "Sonisphere developed Festival therefore has its Line-Up with an another celebrity special guest" increased. The Prodigy, who gained international fame in 1996 with the hit single "Firestarter", who in February their fifth album invaders must"published and can be seen on this summer several festivals in Germany. So far confirmed are for the Sonisphere on July Fourth, in addition to the headliners in Extremo, Lamb of God, down, Mastodon, anthrax and five and the red one. The Sonisphere Festival tour with Metallica, Mastodon, Lamb of God through Europe is complemented by other high-profile bands in each country. These include Slipknot for Holland and Spain, die Toten Hosen and in extremo for Germany and Linkin Park for Finland and England. For the event at the Hockenheimring another has announced special guest, which will be announced on June 8th. In addition to the musical programme, the Sonisphere offers a fun park with many attractions. Tickets for the Sonisphere Festival and other festivals with the prodigy. Continue reading
With Tempelhof - that wasn't too far with us, Mr Wowereit! On Sunday, the 22nd February the Action Alliance attends"the this year's Carnival in Berlin part. Of course, the motto is Tempelhof airport and aviation, as well as the political handling of the Mayor with the Berlin population with regard to the for a referendum ongoing here in Berlin. Participation in the parade metaphor indicates that the argument to the Tempelhof airport and its closure is not yet finished. The contribution consists to the Carnival before team with flight attendants, a vehicle with 3 motifs and the stragglers captured citizens i.e., entangled in a referendum and Wowereit. The three motifs on the escort vehicle present Klaus Wowereit in relevant situations, as he mostly currently is perceived in the population. The ruling Klaus Wowereit will face with fierce headwinds from the ranks of Berlin citizens or with their referendum. Symbolize the prisoners in the parade, that wrong not This right is, because one has power in justice and Administration about the formal law, and can affect the outputs of referendums benefiting for the ruling. Rather, the duty of neutrality applies to these persons on polling days in her Office. Wrong may not manifest themselves as in times long past over the law. This shows also the symbolic figure of the current behind the prisoners Klaus Wowereit with the whip. Whip swinging, he pushes the wrong. The Carnival team of Action Alliance be-4 - Tempelhof greets the fools in the Red town hall with the following statement: A great monument of history quickly destroyed Wowereit. With its sycophants and comrades, the oldest airport closed. The largest house in the world, is now ever more break expires. Instead of one hundred years of aviation, nothing is more now in Tempelhof. Where once... Continue reading
Certainly when we plan our vacation, it does not come to our mind Atacama. However, it is certain that this distant corner of the world, primitive and wild beauty will leave perplexed tourists with its stunning landscape. Jorge Perez has compatible beliefs. It is incomprehensible to think that the more arid zone of the planet was a sea bed day, but testify what the remains found, as well as brackish of some of their places. (Source: Adam Sandler). Linda Atacama northward with the Antofagasta region. Both share the high and barren Atacama desert extension. Atacama area is currently one of the 15 where the Chilean territory is divided and is also one of less population of all of them. Its economy is based on mining and the cultivation of olives and grapes. But, as in the rest of the world, has increasingly more the phenomenon of tourism boom, which will help the traveller get hotels in Atacama to stay receive all necessary services. Accommodation located in the Atacama region will be a small establishment, in family occasions. The hostel built according to the traditional way of construction of the zone is very common. So maybe you can stay overnight in buildings where adobe is the fundamental element of the building. Or in others in which they wanted to emulate the geometry of the ancient archaeological populations as Tulor, with its characteristic circular shape. Atacama is a region with strong sense of their identity, which has bid that makes tourists carry rigged a deep-rooted love for tradition and at all times will have the opportunity to learn about the ancient customs of the tribes of the Highlands who populated these lands. Hotels with full board you will test a genuinely indigenous cuisine. Many of the hotels in Atacama provide travelers the... Continue reading
All my books and articles deal with Africano and Dispora history and culture. It interests what me is to take unknown histories ahead, and has an abundance of these in these domnios. my objective is to find embedded information, to bring people for the forgotten life, to reconstruct identity you analyze in them of social Sciences has allowed to more good think the subjective side of the partner-cultural processes, a time that the notion of identity identity implicitly points with respect to a question politics, i. for the question of the social legitimation (cf. also Manuel Sheep of the WEDGE, 1986:97 - 108, cited for Andreas HOFBAUER, 2003) and to argue such concept we will leave of what in them it places the headings of the workmanships: the ribbon braids and bows send the hair, and the hair is taken here as a representative of the identity, of the black race. the hair afro, crespo, ' ' enroladinho, serves as document ... the hair in the Brazilian society is a language and, while such, communicates and informs on the racial relations ... also can be thought as a sign, therefore it represents something more, something distinct of itself exactly. (Nilma Lino Gomes, 2003: 137); The hair also can be used as material of you analyze to initiate dialogues on some forms and structures of hair. following the steps of Josemir Camilo (2009) in its article bad Hair? history of the hair afro, follows its words: ... The hair afro is the hair oldest of the species human being, has 150 a thousand years at least. Therefore, for the bias of History and the Anthropology this would be the good hair , the hair that has something to say in the genetics. This hair is fruit of when the Homo sapiens... Continue reading
After a long summer lull Yokohama racing tires come into battle again - this time in the championship of the German Rally, which will be held on September 5. Japanese rubber will reveal itself in the Championship FIA World Touring Car in Oschersleben, on the track, famous for the fact that in this time of year it is usually poured rain. For more information see Movie Star. And now, when summer came to an end, and into its own come fall, drivers must take extra care on slippery and wet from the rain the roads. How to cope with this problem professional racers - this question was asked by the rider WTCC Augusto Farfus. This Brazilian is better than anyone else had other knows how to behave on a wet track. At actress you will find additional information. It's In 2009 he won the race in the rain in Japan Okayama, having started from pole position and keeping the leadership until the end of the race. He is considered one of the most experienced riders WTCC, because participation in the race Farfus this series continues continuously since its debut in 2006. "Rain - one of the most critical conditions that may arise on the road," - said Farfus - "Riding on a wet track is very different from the style of driving on dry. First only increases the deceleration time, and since the traction on wet roads is much lower, and have to go slower. In addition, we need constant high concentration. Rain tires Yokohama, used in the race WTCC, very good, because they are easy to maintain the right temperature. Continue reading