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Well, at least you managed to spell "America" right, anon. Oh, and right back at ya!
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Dec 4, 2010
Wonderful video that summarizes that day, Pamela. THANKS for posting it. I've put it up on my FB page already, and I'm sure it's being spread far and wide. Bless you, a hundred times over.
The fix being, perhaps, some higher political office - or place on a ticket. God knows Bloomie doesn't need the money!
Man, that's one scary logo you got there at the bottom of your page, Arye Sachs. It's just as Choi said it is. ICK.
Ah, yes; the local paper (Staten Island Advance) ran the story on the first page of the paper (and even above the fold!), but have let it drop off their on-line "front-page" radar...within hours of posting it. Which is not the norm. Hmmmmm..... Well, they are extremely liberal over there. Just doin' their part to help it "go away". (Hint to the Advance: ain't happenin'.)