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I don't think the problem is with lists per-se. I go through phases of using a to-do list when I realise that I'm not coping with storing the necessary data in my head. And at this point it becomes invaluable. But generally I then slip back below a threshold where I realise that my head will work as efficiently as I need it to. I, like many others, read GTD back in the day, and I think the key lesson he does give - above and beyond any methods and techniques - is that trying to keep track of information in your head can be much more stressful than being able to put it on a list and then "forget" it can be. I think the real mistakes are: that once you've started writing a list it needs to turn into a system which rules your life. that there's some silver bullet app either in existence, or waiting to be invented, which is better than pen and paper.
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Oct 5, 2012