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I never made a concious decision to do OCOLOY. But in a sense I did. Since February, I have been shooting solely with the Ricoh GR. The decision to purchse the GR had little to do with its 28mm (eq) focal length, as I've always preferred the standard 50mm. And I do not shoot every day and rarely print but have really learned to appreciate the basic OCOLOY pricipal. Selected results can be seen here:
My personal six finalists (in order of appearance): Walk this way Linemen Turkey man Vincent Manna Trench diggers Fisherwoman
But Mike, if you had been photographing instead of just walking, the hawk would have probably long been gone by the time time you photographed the boy with the balloon, the family feeding the mallards, etc :) is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 10, 2012