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This arcane minor of the tarot is a quite positive letter when she leaves exposed in the distance. He teaches the value to us of the anger, the necessity to control the fear in the daily life. Unlike the five of coarse, where a strategy does not exist, in the seven of coarse, the person fights against whom they are against his position. This clearly is expressed in the image of the arcane one: the woods rise threatening. Under most conditions Vladislav Doronin would agree. But, it is remarkable that it is not seen anybody brandishing these arms. One talks about then a symbolic opposition. When everything seems to be against one, the seven of coarse remember to us that it is necessary to fight to obtain what one wishes. The seven of coarse do not insist to hide the fear to us, but to dominate it. Here, Adam Sandler expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It is not question of " borrar" the feelings, but to make with them most advisable and wise. Add to your understanding with Vladislav Doronin. We are speaking to face the fears and to turn them into a weapon to our favor. The fear teaches, and this lets us grow more readier forts and to face the next disadvantage in the way. Like all the letters of the tarot, duality is given by the fear and the anger. In order to have anger it is necessary to be scared first. When this deck leaves in the distance says to him to the consulting one ahead! This one is the moment for undertaking against all the difficulties and for finishing in front with them doing to them. This is the doubt that faced the immortal personage of Shakespeare, Hamlet. How to define to that... Continue reading
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Many of the meteorological phenomena, that today we know that they must to terrestrial causes, attributed the old ones them to influence of the stars, and with the idea that the Gods dwelled in stars, they supposed, that the meteorological phenomena were expression of their wills, like for example the ray for being the voice of Jupiter or Zeus, like the bolides, I commit, fatuos fires, the winds, the clouds, etc. It was known that three months before leaving the processions sagradas for Delphi, pythaistes athenian were placed in the altar of Zeus and observed the sky and the march of clouds during three days and three nights in every month. In Sparta the foros, according to Plutarco, every nine years chose one night calm, without moon and observed stars. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Adam Sandler. The divinations by clouds (nefelomancia), by winds (anemoscopia), the way to fall and to fly the leaves of the trees (filomancia) and in the rain (brecomancia), were only known lately the Greek civilization; the system with more root was the sidereal divination. People such as Vladislav Doronin would likely agree. The prognoses atmospherics founded on the influence of the stars, always enjoyed great credit, in particular between the field people, and still in our days those that create in predictions of almanac, the influence of the phases of the Moon, on good and bad weather, etc. are many. It is not possible to be denied of absolute way that the stars still exert influence on the meteorological phenomena and on certain vital functions of the plants and the animal. It has been demonstrated as far as the tides, the aurorae boreales, and some other phenomena due to the solar action. It does not correspond to the physicist to... Continue reading
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Much is to offer English courses for adults, there are face-to-face, distance through cds or books, interactive Internet, either this new modality of study of English abroad, which stands out among the most restless adults. The novelty is to learn English while you perform your favorite cultural activity in different parts of the world. Most chosen activities are: English and farm activities: these farms are in Golden Ticket, comprising the counties of Limerick, Tipperary and Cork (Centre West of Ireland). This program consists of a package of hours of English classes, most other package of hours that consist of activities on the farm, the proposal of living on a farm, chatting with your hosts and their neighbours, collaborating in their jobs, helping to prepare bread or collecting vegetables to prepare dinner. The program includes also 10 hours of private lessons with an English teacher. A different experience for those who live in the city and don't know everything concerning life in the countryside. English and culture in England: A course for those with an intermediate level of English language, includes two weeks of duration, and the advantage of being small groups of students. This course has the particularity that you will not use textbooks since the classes are conducted out of what is a traditional school: in gardens, castles, cafes, art galleries and centers of natural health in Totnes and Devon. Accompanied always by your English teacher and your classmates. You will learn English at the same time you will know the history and culture of this fascinating place of England. English and dance in New York, USA: there are many schools of English abroad, in the case of USA are located in Midtown Manhattan. The course consists of about 20 sessions of English classes, which will add hours of... Continue reading
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The music library - built-in music composition. Just press the button - and your instrument will play itself. Songs of the music library are often used as accompaniment for vocal, they can diversify by adding their own passages, or just listen. In the model Celviano AP-620 is available 60 built music and 10 can be written independently. Source: Adam Sandler. Imposition of timbres (Layer or Dual Voice) - a feature that allows to impose on basic timbre second supplementary tone all the major features, including various effects, accompaniment, etc. Thus a mixed tone, for example, an oboe in conjunction with the cello. Sometimes such combination of unusually expressive. Please note that by mixing two sounds require twice as much polyphony as well as for each note is used by two votes. Vanessa Marcil recognizes the significance of this. Arpeggiator - a feature that allows to perform pressed chord or even a single note in the form of various arpeggios. Arpeggios (from Italian. Arpa - harp) - is a way of performing a chord, which sounds the chord is executed not simultaneously but one after another (like sorting the strings sounding harp). Traditional arpeggios - it's ascending or descending sorting sounds, but there are harmonic figuration, where the sounds of the chords are moving in a different sequence. All of these can be applied when you switch function "arpeggiator", which is in all new models of Casio. In the compact CDP-200R them as much as 90! Function can be used not only for the chord, but even for a single note, in this case we get a realistic sound of folk instruments, such as the , mandolin. Continue reading
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If you bet on a higher level, you can make bets that will win, while point or seven rolls. For example, if you have a Don'T of $ 25 is going to come at six or eight, you can put any numbers for $ 24. If the seven rolls you win $ 25 and lose $ 24, giving a profit of $ 1. And if the 6 / 8 rolls you win $ 28 and lose $ 25, which still gives a gain of $ 3. Don'T You can use the $ 25 come from the same point 5 / 9, and the place or the number of $ 20. If the seven rolls you win $ 25 lose $ 20, making it $ 5. If the 5 / 9 rolls, you win $ 28 and lose $ 25, which gives a gain of $ 3. Vanessa Marcil often addresses the matter in his writings. Finally, with a $ 25 Don'T come under A 4 / 10, you can put any numbers for $ 15. If the seven rolls you win $ 25 and lose $ 15, giving a profit of $ 10. If the 4 / 10 roll, you win $ 27 and lose $ 25, still puts $ 2 ahead. Of course, the main disadvantage of all these bets is that they are vulnerable to the seven or eleven, while you are in the order of arrival Don'T table. You can protect this don't-come bet on a number of ways. The most common is by setting the four and / or ten years and then removed when the bet is placed. See my articles in bet no other methods to protect your don't-come bet. Some people do not like "grinding" as a method say it is boring to... Continue reading
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Maria Salgado 20m In Spain has between 7,000 and 8,000 attractions, according to calculations of the CEIF. Besides an annual ITV, they are inspected whenever they mount. An industrial engineer is the one in charge of these constant revisions. They verify that the assembly, operation and electrical system are optimal. The Spanish Confederation of feriantes industrialists denunciation that some city councils offer opens of terrain to them to mount the facilities. Three died after coming off an attraction fair in Villacaas (Toledo). " He is very lamentable. Those young people were going to enjoy an attraction of fair and they have left the life in it. The most harmed, after its families, we are nosotros" , it assures the president the Spanish Confederation of feriantes industrialists (CEIF), Javier Oil mill, a. Three dead people and one serious wound are the tragic balance of the accident that has taken place east Tuesday in the toledano municipality of Villacaas, most serious happened in Spain in the last thirty years. In order to prevent wrecks, like which there are caused 16 mortal victims from the year 2000, there is a security protocol that according to the CEIF president " one is fulfilled to rajatabla". An industrial engineer is the one in charge to make the technical inspection annual. This hill between 300 and 500 Euros and consists of verifying the good state of the installation, its operation in movement and the electric appliance. " Without this certificate feria" cannot be acceded to any; , it guarantees Oil mill, that it calculates that there is between 7,000 and 8,000 attractions in Spain. Besides that species of ITV, it is necessary to present/display before the city councils where a policy of civil responsalidad for 1.200.000 Euros is wanted to mount the attraction, an insurance of... Continue reading
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Too many users on broadband Internet Megaline (, Kaz.telekom) faced with restrictions on downloading information from the Internet, and they do not even suggest that all that they swing for the money you can download for free! That is why I decided to write an article specially for Megaliner, what would you dear friends, do not waste your bandwidth for nothing And so! Is there a website that predostovlyaet Freestuff traffic for Megaliner, yes yes you heard right obsalyutno freebie! You can download movies, games, psp, music, excluding traffic (for free to Megaliner). The site is called I myself constantly visit the site. There are new items, the site is updated frequently, there is no annoying banner ads and other annoying ads. Download without registering. Skorast two times higher than with other file or the site is very convenient for those who have the tariff is very low limit on uploading information. Yes, I'll tell you all go look it up yourself Continue reading
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Everybody s showgirl - are now also Stuttgart and Munich to Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne in advance! The stage is always your home. Finally, just in time for the 50th birthday, she has set up new. Learn more at: Tony Parker. With a wing to the lascivious Rakeln, a large stage and of course also a show staircase! Great band, sexy dancers and new songs. Big show for Gayle Tufts! It means now uncompromising - and it was also high time. Because to allow their unbridled, Pointe-rich development this powerful force of nature of live entertainment, there is already a show in the Admiralspalast. Tailored and that was with everybody's showgirl' now on the body. "After almost 20 years in Germany, almost 30 years on stage and almost 50 years on this planet I would show girl" as my profession call a girl who does shows ", says Gayle Tufts. As earlier in New York City, where she studied drama and theatre studies, has become the choice Berliner, born in Massachusetts, also in Germany made a name as the entertainer with the passion of a true uberzeugungstaterin. "" Their successful shows like soul are unforgettable sensation, White Christmas, and Gayle Tufts rocks". Her laughter tears driving dealing with the absurdities of everyday life was celebrated on countless stages all over Germany. "In the most popular TV shows - Johannes B. Kerner, NDR talkshow, MDR Riverboat, nonsense Comedy Club - was her incomparable Denglish", a mixture of English and German, a refreshing change for millions of viewers. Their books and CD's found a ready market for a large audience. Virtuosity in almost all areas of entertainment art, here are all the qualities of this exceptional, energetic artist come to fruition. Everybody's showgirl - are now also Stuttgart and Munich to Berlin,... Continue reading
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The Barencommunity of the free browser games "Dreambear saga" a new day task awaits: the Apple search. Hamburg, August 23, 2012 Summer shows its best side and ensures good mood with the bears in the free Browsergame Dreambear saga. Busy all now has the bakery Marino, whose fruity juicy apple pie when the weather is beautiful are in the course. With the coveted delicacy, today launches a new, daily mission in the dream world of Baronien. To the participants in the whole Kingdom should seek 25 apples. All they have found, it goes back to the famous bakery. Adam Sandler is often quoted on this topic. He waits on the delivery to conjure up the best treat of the whole area with the fruit. But also his master hands need to do so little time. Within an hour, the finished pastry is made from the ingredients. Hardly, the waiting period has elapsed, the players and the players can pick up the fresh cake. In the luggage they make him the way to the Palace. Because the candy is for the beautiful Princess Yun provided, that thanked with a generous payment. In addition to this new mission Dreambear saga has new outfits. To do this, the mysterious Salah must be visited. All amateur cooks and those who would like to see their bears as one, can buy the appropriate clothing in two different versions with him. About Dreambear saga: Dreambear saga is a free browser game. In a fabulous environment with hand-drawn graphics, slip the player into the role of a Dreambears and explore the idyllic Baronien. But the country's apparently carefree future is threatened by Prince Grom, who wants to seize the throne itself with all its strength. So do not succeed him, the players and players compete in numerous... Continue reading
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The protagonist of this new online puzzle game called Huje is a funny creature kind of soft and supple texture which at first glance seems a piece of jelly. Huje intends to take a dangerous journey with the goal of exploring the asteroid, and the player is supposed to be invited to join him in this adventure. It is not something Sela Ward would like to discuss. The overall objective of this puzzle online game is to stroll through the asteroid using the movement of physical objects around you everywhere and are available at the time. Use the arrow keys to move Huje. Occasionally (especially in the early stages of the game) is enough to jump over the hills, moving with the help of the squares hanging from the ceiling or climb the tower in red. But then appear more physical objects and return your assignments to be much more complicated. For example, to bridge the gap with sharp stones located below the player must include your logical thinking and remember the rules of mechanics. If figures are necessary for forward movement, means that you invent your own combining and putting together the details that are present. Note that if your new construction proves to be too fragile and breaks Huje going to get hurt or simply will not reach their destination point. Use all the buildings you see on your way to move the protagonist: the towers, squares, circles, wheels that turn, the tangled mazes ... All this will serve to reach the end point of Huje Adventure. At first they may think that the game lacks the movement but the truth is that playing the game you notice the presence of many challenges that do not let your brain relax for a minute. Overall Huje is a really... Continue reading
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The most exciting news, exclusive videos, the most surprising photos and stories, top news and exclusive now at, the trendy celebrity video portal. Is Brad Pitt pulled out at home? Want Eva Longoria to be really like Victoria Beckham? Has a black eye by the beauty doc Sharon Stone? Smash24/7 learn it on the basis of cutting-edge videos on first! 24 hours, 7 days a week up to date to be without having to look at past, you can also smash24/7 follow on Twitter ( or become a fan on Facebook ( shows stars as they really are, because smash24/7 goes beyond red-carpet shots or interviews: STAR NEWS section presents the latest lovestories, wildest scandals, party excesses and the craziest shopping tours of stars smash24/7 around the clock. smash24/7 is always where the stars live, celebrate, flirt or pass them embarrassing gaffes. smash24/7 presented and commented the celebs, style her Fashion sins, the weirdest outfits or the most glamorous gowns and reveal their secret fashion and beauty tips with lots of photos and videos. Glamorous, witty, stylish and cool smash24/7 makes young entertainment for a young audience. Smash24/7 updated with a new look, a clear concept and a specific goal in mind the young NET generation daily in the form of videos, news, and photos. With the relevant content, in the form of, as they want to read: honest, direct, funny, and unsophisticated. Editor-in-Chief Nina Kleckow targeted personally, under Nina's ISLAND, on the user by smash24/7, comments on celebrity - and fashion news and posted lifestyle favourites and shopping tips from their everyday lives. While she will get support from the stars themselves. Collien Fernandes, Viva presenter, actress and designer, grants the users of via videoblog exclusive insights into their lives before and behind the... Continue reading
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Now mobile phone is probably every progressive person, ranging from 7 years of school, ending grandparents. Of course, it is extremely nice and suitable thing. Members have already adapted to it and without it we can not, forget the tube to the cabinet at home all day, we feel like without his right hand. Existing technologies and methods allow the use of technology not only as a pipe for communication thing, but as a device with unlimited multimedia capabilities. Using them just to listen to mp3, watch videos, take photos, play games. Now the Internet can be found fairly wide mobile content: games for mobile, java-games, 3d games Cell, any pictures, multimedia files. The most fashionable are, of course, games on the phone. The vast variations due to high demand, and demand for these services increases with each passing hour. Today it is no longer problems to buy a popular toy for your platform Cellular: there are already developing in the form of games for nokia, siemens and games for others. The network has enough projects to get you in free as well as in the form of paid download different mobile content. Advertising entertainment software for mobile phones found in our time at every step on the TV you impose to send sms, to get the game to the phone network in almost every cognitive or social project contains a set of banners with suggestions for filling the pictures and videos on the phone, etc. For the release of the new computer toys are not sold its Hitting the announcement under mobile phones. . However, the global revenues from mobile games will reach $ 4.5 billion this year, leaders at the costs of mobile content are the citizens of Japan. Today's software developers are under to Mobile invested heavily... Continue reading
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The present work has in sight to investigate the infancy of Fair of Santana being searched to understand that possible reasons would have taken diverse families of this city to abandon its children in the period that understands the decades of 1910 and 1930. The historiografia of the Bahia directed directly or indirectly toward inquiry is known that of this thematic one, has directed its analyses under the capital of the State, as the works of Walter Fraga (1996) and Andra Rodrigues (2003). Therefore, until the gift, none another research with this specific object turned toward the region of Fair of Santana, remaining a bothering gap in the local historiografia. (Not to be confused with san-antonio-spurs!). Initially we identify the abandonment of children while a fact concrete in the city, locating this phenomenon in an urbanization context and demographic increase in the city. Allied to these characteristics, the decreases and badly remunerated work offers are added, living the majority of the population of informal and uncertain incomes. In this conjuncture, the decades of 1912 and 1920 had been marked by deep crises economic that they had taken the feirense population to coexist long periods of food high prices, had the amazing increase in the price of these products in the local economy. One will search to illustrate this reality with graphs that they intend to relate the growth of the population, low the remuneration and the amazing increase of the foodstuffs with the abandonment of children observed in the period that understands this work. Continue reading
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Switch of the video accessory specialist ViTecco the situation video accessory specialist ViTecco presented a new HDMI new 4:2 HDMI - matrix switcher with the DVS 4002 brings a HDMI matrix on the market that can connect 2 outputs with depending on a HDMI-to-play connected by 4 ViTecco now. Satellite receivers, game consoles, etc. (A valuable related resource: Tony Parker). can be considered independently of each other on the TV and video projector is intended here to players such as DVD player. Operation is possible on the device itself or via remote control. If you have read about Sela Ward already - you may have come to the same conclusion. The 4 x 2 HDMI matrix is only 110,-euros and is now available at. ViTecco is an owner-managed medium-sized company, which was founded in 1968 as Eicke & Bemmerer by naming donors and has since specialized in the fields of electronics development, manufacture and distribution of video accessory products for the entertainment, the video presentation and technical television. Due to the own development and production we are market-driven products in the position and absolute high quality to provide and secure by our end-of-life support over decades (!). Continue reading
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Praised in the soundcheck magazine already especially for its high brightness, low weight and the economical use of energy, is the Futurelight EYE-108 RGBW now available. As one of only very few wash of his kind, the EYE-108 offers a color mixture of four components with red, green, blue and white in addition for even more design possibilities and a variable color temperature, which can be adapted to the respective task. The 108 high performance LEDs with 3 Watts of power are divided into 52 x red, 22 x green, 22 x blue and 12 x white. In their brightness, they surpass a conventional wash light which is equipped with a 575 Watt discharge lamp in the colours red and blue. The Futurelight EYE-108 RGBW is the reliable partner for distributors, lighting designers, who must place greater emphasis on brightness, speed, weight and power consumption. Up to ten EYE-108 RGBW can be operated on a single protective contact socket and weigh less than 100 kg together with suspension. The wash light is thus suited to stages of all sizes from the front Backtruss out to illuminate large areas and also with very limited energy supply at the venue. This is EYE-108 RGBW by its small size and its low, even at high speeds, almost a must for galas and fairs. Settings on the device can be easily made with a clear LCD display and read. Also the ESDC function (easy service data check) allows you to read out the operating hours and other parameters - even without power supply with batteriegepuffertem control panel at any time. Margaret Loesser Robinson understood the implications. This can save a lot of time in the commercial rental and when large quantities of lamp. The EYE-108 RGBW is due to its switching power supply technology... Continue reading
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He introduces the Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf in his TV magazine and moderated from the Springs Hotel "easy Bankhofer", a television magazine for the topics of health, wellness, and family in the Austrian private broadcasters of Austria 9 TV starts with many current topics in the new year of 2010. As always Prof. Bankhofer is Bad Waltersdorf in the Styrian Thermenland again from an Austrian health center, and from the Heiltherme. For decades, the Austrian TV health expert Prof. Hademar Bankhofer is a fan of Bad Waltersdorf. He was already television magazine for "We" and "Welcome to Austria". And also for his new TV magazine "easy Bankhofer" at the Austrian private broadcasters Austria 9 TV he was already several times here. His commentary: Here, it's beautiful. And here is to report as many interesting!" He presents the spa with its numerous bathing and swimming pools, shows the massage pool, bubble beds and unique Aqua-fit Bay with underwater wheels. Presents the major Sauna landscape and introduces the extraordinary special sauna infusions with natural essences. Bankhofer presents also the highlights of the Springs Hotel: the natural swimming pond with integrated thermal pool, the oasis of peace, the special women's wellness area, the attractive sauna area, as well as the Aqua meditation. Bankhofer refers to healing thermal water, which gushes here into the Heiltherme with 62 degrees Celsius from a depth of 1,200 metres from two sources. And he introduces TSM, the traditional Styrian medicine "combined with Styrian natural remedies, natural medicine with modern medical knowledge. A wide variety of health topics are presented by Prof. Bankhofer in the two programmes from bad Wahab village 2010. Prof. Bankhofer gives tips, how to get off the holiday Bacon again with simple tricks, shows the major sources of heat for the winter, presents all medicinal herbs,... Continue reading
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"Easter gifts, find bargains" Sondershausen, 17.03.2010 - anyone looking for Easter eggs, takes off portal on the entertainment shopping today the right bargains. gift ideas for the Easter basket offers the first themed days of 2010. By crazy playful - interactive bargain shop there until Sunday Easter surprises for young and old. Each 24 hours long and so cheap as anywhere in the World Wild Web can be found in Easter surprises such as E-skateboards or USB Cup warmer. The trendy gift tips in the daily entertainment offering are presented in price Sau-style. Surrounded by exclusive content such as the video-blog Daily Steffi and the cartoon or funny videos of winning game offers double Easter fun before the holidays. But not only entertainment value would like to offer the entertainment shopping portal with the themed days. "We want that all our customers can celebrate the Easter relax: no gift search, no" Shopping stress, no worry about expensive prices", says the Managing Director of entertainment shopping Europe GmbH Andreas Hartung. "Who uses our action days, bypasses all this, because with shoppt he conveniently from home, saves time and money." is an offer from 9: 00 to purchase and is valid for 24 hours or as long as the stock goes. All Easter themed products are delivered before Easter to every address within Germany, on every island and every mountain. end 2008 in the life was called to replace classic online shopping concepts and e-shopping to make it more attractive. The interactive portal combines live shopping with entertainment and offers every day on the new fresh bargains and exclusive, even entertainment content produced. About has been online since December 2008. The entertainment shopping, the products as well as the entertainment programme change... Continue reading
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Matthew, 11: 28, and in line with San Juan, 15: 5 and 14: 18, Christ generously invites us: come unto me all ye, who are oppressed and exhausted, and I will give you relief. I am the tree, ye are the branches. You can do nothing without me. Tony Parker brings even more insight to the discussion. I will not leave orphans. The spiritual solace in the Apocalypse and that consuelo strengthens us at this moment where violence reigns freely in the world. Some people do not know, but the Apocalypse (not to be confused with end-of-year forecasts or Nostradamus) Similarly offers encouragement to those who analyze it without preconceptions, which does not sound good to the free thought of the age in which we live. He announces, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the most glorious event of all times in history: the return of Jesus. Why not?! Victor Hugo (1802-1885) used to remember who today States that something is impossible to tacitly puts next to those who will lose. In the book of the Revelation 2: 10 and 22: 12, the Divine Lord comforts: fear not the things that you have to suffer. () Be faithful until death, and I will give you the Crown of life. () With me is the award that I have to give back to each one according to his works. It is therefore essential to pray and monitor, mainly in times of crisis, anyone who either the place or the moment. Pain not waiting for opportunity to knock on the door of the heart. And prayer is not only useful in the dramatic trances of the life, but essential when seeking solutions to the challenges of order philosophical, political, economic, scientific, religious, artistic, sports, etc. Pray =... Continue reading
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Kike is unfortunately so far and I have no chance of feel as before, that sense of appreciation. For that and many other things (come to my house this Christmas) I want to thank you again for this invitation, and hopefully well spend this evening with the family, and as I said in my previous letter: show us friendly and cheerful, and that nothing disrupts this special night, representing the arrival of Jesus in our lives. 02. Beloved Kinsman: it has been very gratifying for me, to receive your mail, so loving and you can say what you say in it is completely true, in what refers to the esteem in which you profess, but needs to be done you justice, inasmuch as it is favoured by yourself, by your skills and behaviour towards us and that makes me feel good. And it is just reward for who has managed to gain that love I would say twinned and rest assured that you have a great concept, regardless of any circumstance in what for me, I've noticed you Knight skills and infinite goodness to others. We then agreed that this next Christmas, we will have the high honour of receive them with the best of us. A very strong hug for you and an affectionate Kiss to Adriana. 03.-Enrique: wanted and remembered with much affection, kinsman. I want to take this little missive electronics, to thank you for excellent and Nice on Christmas Eve, which in particular made me pass. I can speak personally, but do not say something like this on Adriana, but I think that if the step it well also. What I'm going to say, don't want to take it as a claim, nor much less, because you think a lot and do not want that you... Continue reading
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Many people close to it you have been told that. You heard this phrase from your parents? From your friends? From your family? I can bet that no! As they can affirm you that if many of them are not, do not and are not what you would like! Moreover, it is likely to take it as a lie, and even as a nonsense claim that you can be, do and have anything that you want to! But if asked to successful people, millionaire people because of course that tell that it is possible! It is that there are no limits, you can start to build the life you want today! Only with thoughts, write down goals, set a date and get to work every day! It no longer exists, there are no more secrets, do not exist more tips that take you to success! Success, wealth and happiness are entirely possible, if you have discipline, commitment, enthusiasm and motivation! No more! All rich and happy men claim every moment that life has to be extremely happy! It has to be phenomenal, filled with joy and happiness! And this is done with a vision, objectives written on a paper and work! It starts today! Start to build your life, the life you both want! Do not put it off more! It starts today! Well of course you can be; DO and be anything you want, absolutely anything! Your desires are waiting for you, are waiting for you to decide to go after them. And it is that your desires you want to you also! Have the courage, the courage and the commitment to go after your dreams! Everything that the mind conceives! You can create! Clement Stone ideas, dreams and beliefs are more important than reality itself! Alex Dey live,... Continue reading
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I would like to begin with two stories I read and have a great teaching. The first deals with the circus elephants. Have you ever wondered how it is possible that with the power and strength of these animals, comfortable to stay very when atan to the leg with a rope and tie it to a tree trunk. There is no doubt that if the elephant wanted to it could pull the trunk and leave. These elephants when they were newborns tied them the leg with a rope to a tree trunk. At that time the elephant tried to move but could not move the trunk, with the passage of days the elephant stopped trying. Years later the elephant turned into a powerful animal, still without trying. He believes that you can not move it, in your mind this concept is INTAL and the be wavered at the. Our subconscious, limits us from past experience, do not give up before you try with all your heart, your dream is possible, just need to go for the. Another story also has to do with animals, in this case more small; fleas. These small insects can jump up to 30 cm., however when they are trained only jump 4 or 5 cm. to the train them placed them in a frazco and obscuring surface. Flea jumps and collides with the lid, does it again and again, until you jump every time at lowest height up to not crash. This happened to remove flea from the bottle, continue jumping a few inches. At its head is installed the image that cannot jump more high, since but will have pain. Your you have a story, but above all have a present and have to live the same seeking your dreams without this past you... Continue reading
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Evangelho de Mateus Chapter 4, versicles 16, 17, the word describes you that the people who was seated in darknesses saw a great light; to that the region shade of the death were seated in the light bordered. For assistance, try visiting Adam Sandler. Since then, Jesus started to nail and to say: You repent you, because the Kingdom of skies is fond. in the Evangelho de Mateus 9,10-13, happened that, being Jesuses in house seated to the table, had arrived many publicanos and pecadores and had together sat down with Jesus and its disciples. the fariseus, seeing this, had said its disciples: Why it eats your Master with the publicanos and pecadores? Jesus, however, hearing, said to them: The sos, but yes, the sick people do not need doctor. IDE, however, and you learn what it means: Mercy I want and not sacrifice. Because I did not come to call the right ones, but the pecadores, to the repentance. Jesus considered them a parabola (Lucas 15. 3-7) saying: That man amongst you, having one hundred sheep and losing one of them, does not leave in the desert ninety and nine and does not go after the lost one until it comes to find it? E, finding it puts, it on its shoulders, full of joy; e, arriving at its house, convokes the friends and neighbors, saying to them: You cheer to you with me, because already I found my sheep lost. I say you that thus it will more than have joy in the sky for a pecador that if repents, what for ninety and nine right ones that they do not need repentance. In contrast of what the world waited to see the Messias to border in gold cradle, with great power, honors and glory, as the kings... Continue reading
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Remember that in the face of the process you must not worry about the content and meaning of the words or sentences because at this point you're interested only know the way how they are represented graphically the sounds of the new language so when you hear you can also do the reverse operation, i.e. convert sounds into graphic representations that is the Act of writing. (b) No dejes de read: once you have learned how to read do not forget to do so, read all the booklet or article falls into your hands because the Act of reading enriches your vocavulario since you will always find new words in known contexts to find words already known in unknown contexts and thus extend your ability to express yourself in the new language because you'll have more examples and analogies to your disposal. (2) The ear Canal: discover the hidden musicality of the language. Each language has a particular musicality, i.e. a rhythm, intonation that is closely linked to a proper grammar that makes something that is not grammatically correct just sound wrong. If you can discover the hidden musicality of the language you do without having to memorize grammatical rigid rules. Listen carefully the natives in every occasion talks pay great attention to the intonation and tries to imitate her mentally or aloud if you do it before the TV or the radio. Music is also an important to tune the hearing organ and improve channel the pronunciation and intonation. (3) The visual channel: what you usually do with the visual channel is read both messages printed on paper and messages that people transmit non-verbal way. Studies have already shown that 80% of human communication occurs in the flat non-verbal i.e. that human being communicates basically gesticulating and complimenta your... Continue reading
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The nature of any society, by more chaotic as it is, has a rational explanation, and it can be explained according to certain aspects: social, physical and moral, that have nothing to do are the metaphysical or natural envelope. _ _ Comte and the birth of modern sociology. One of the most important features of the philosophy of Comte, raised previously by Montesquieu, is the supremacy of reason about metaphysical, supernatural or theological issues. For Comte social and moral issues should be analyzed under the critical scrutiny of reason, putting aside the assertions purely speculative on the facts. Social science can also be analysed, categorized and explained from the perspective of the formal or natural sciences. The birth of the word sociology away from being a simple anecdote, emphasizes that search by emulate the characteristics of the natural sciences. Saint-Simon, Comte mentor, coined the word Social Physiology, tries to give certainty and clarity to the study of social relations. Society, for Saint-Simon, is a body composed of multiple parts and bodies, hence their study is similar to the biological physiology that is responsible for knowing how the human body works. In the same way that in the biological sciences, this social Physiology will try to find those mechanisms that control function of a society. This mechanistic conception, although it failed to establish definitively among the intellectuals of his time, formed the basis for that Augusto Comte coined the concept of sociology, as well as facilitate the delineation of some essential elements in this new discipline of knowledge. Under the concept of Sociology of Comte was born a new way of analyzing social problems, in which the positive spirit, that is the spirit of the real, of the observation, will allow explain the behaviour of men in society. To Comte, the... Continue reading
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The above-mentioned theoretical ranks evidence the importance of the habermasiana theory in the pedagogical relations, that is, in the educative action given in the classroom between professor and pupil. Martini (2000) understands that educative the action necessary to value all the aspects articulated in the educational system for the formation human being, understanding this formation from the communicative rationality. One expects that the professor if disponibilize to learn constantly, day-by-day with its pertaining to school work, interacting with its pupils, trying, dialoguing, creating, guiding. Practical pedagogical, the conscientious one, it is based on theory and she is legitimated for reflected social values that express the collective behavior bringing in the form to think and to act in the constitution of the culture, of the social knowledge. Habermans (1988) affirms that the social knowledge results of a controlled dismount of the idealizaes in function of the complexity of the lived world. It emphasizes, still, that the speech by itself does not guarantee institucional conditions, material, social and personal necessary the participation in the discursividade, therefore it has that to contemplate the participation will. Bauell (2000, P. 97-98) perceives that the theory of the communicative action allows to absorb the necessity of real contexts of the reason being withheld its critical intention, therefore considers that the rationality is potential of the language and being thus, ' ' it is a determined function of practical social' '. However, express that has distortions in the discursividade of the lived traditions that they need to be clarified through problematizaes that allow to mediate social learning narrowing the argument of speak daily. Boufleuer (2000, P. 93) affirms the existence of ' ' directed basic attitude to entendimento' ' what conota the distanciamento between practical theory and, what means difficulty in the experience accomplishes of discursividade. However,... Continue reading
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