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Still feeling pretty good about that win last night. What a win, in Gainesville, breaking a 33 game home winning streak for the Gators, giving the ACC a valuable strength of schedule win over the SEC, showcasing a very special player in Angel Rodriguez, and timed perfectly to make the fans feel great again. Huge, in my opinion. Herbie has been very fair to us through the years, and I genuinely like listening to his opinion. Corso, not so much. Desmond offers some good insight too. I went in thinking we were going to beat FSU. I thought that about four weeks ago. It's not about Al to me, it about my Miami Hurricanes, the history and a belief that we are very talented on the offensive side of the ball, we have a defense equal to that of FSU, and we were due for some luck. What happened? FSU lucks its azz off with that tipped ball. I feel good about these Canes. I haven't seen a play where I thought a player took a siesta on. I am not going to nit pick the strategy.
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Larranaga is the truth. I live very close to George Mason campus and followed him closely. He is probably the nicest guy you could ever meet and he is very like able. Beating Florida is a sign to me. I have been bemoaning the loss to FSU too much. Here is a wonderful win to celebrate and I shall enjoy it alot. Thanks Jim.
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I am not as optimistic as most of you following the game last night. I thought in the days leading up to the game that we were better than FSU. I still believe that. We have played a very difficult schedule. I felt we were battle tested and FSU was not despite its pattern of second half comebacks. I felt as long as we controlled their ground game that Jameis could not beat us alone. It was very disappointing to watch Cook dominate the defense when the game counted. To me we are not back and won't be until the talent on the defensive line catches up to the talent in the linebackers and secondary. That is the glaring weakness of this year's team. And its been that way throughout Golden's tenure here. This game was also personally frustrating to me because I want to raise a family of Canes fans. I lost my chance to convert my oldest (13 now) in 2008 when I took him to the Miami v NC State game. NC State had this unknown quarterback who out dueled Jacory in the second half after Marve was largely ineffective in the first half. Freaking Russell Wilson. My oldest now watches Canes games to laugh at our defensive ineptitude. But even he can see we are getting a little better. My middle child is a daddy's boy and he was so excited we were kicking FSU's azz last night. Miami's is the best team in the world he was saying in the first half. The expression on his face when we lost the game last night was painful. It is hard to build a family of Canes fans when you keep losing the significant games. Last night should have been the game when we bonded over a big win and not commiserated over yet another tough loss. He is still young, almost 8, so all is not lost but it would have really gone a long way toward him understanding why I have the love I do for the program. I don't have any game analysis to offer. They were exactly who I thought they were, to quote Dennis Green. They are a flawed team this year and no way they make it out of the first round of any playoff. We could have, should have beat this team. In that sense, while I recognize the improvements over the past month, I have a very bitter taste in my mouth tonight. It is going to take awhile for me to get over this one. I am proud of the effort but I am frustrated by the inability of this team to win a big game. It was there for the taking and we chose to be taken. Very disappointing to me.
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Dude - he is way overdue. Could happen.
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Don't we get ball in 2nd half? A score there could decide the game.
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With a freshman QB we were never going to go undefeated. But yeah, we are far better than the record.
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I definitely liking what I am seeing so far...would like to really get the first down here.
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Nice D
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Defense is hot tonight. Going to be a battle, We can't make too many mistakes and expect to get away with it like that. Good start though.
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I suspect certain business commitments must be honored and for all he does for us with this site, I don't know, maybe just me, but we should respect it. Nobody wants us to win this game more than Soup, and I mean no one, for he lives, breathes, and carries the joy, drama, thrills and burden of running this site.
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Not sure you can take them but "comforting" them after a loss is permissable.
We are not good at Kick of Returns. But we have only allowed the one td, and the return average is only 23.46. FSU is much better at 18.24. Advantage to them. I didn't say all stats favored them and you are right to point to special teams deciding the game. How many wide rights, wide lefts and other big special teams plays have won these games. I mean, Jimmy Johnson encouraged his starters to play special teams in big games. I always though that was a good plan.
I respect Butch Davis in the same way I respect Howard, Jimmy, Dennis for building championship teams at UM but I am a Golden fan this week. I don't think no matter how many times he repeats his position that Lurker will ever convince Butch Davis is some evil guy. He's just not that to me. I have a sneaky suspicion we win the game. Big games are won when your best player helps you win the game. Duke will get his yards. Duke is number 7 in rushing yards with 1213 yards. Karlos Williams is 110 with 520 yards. Yearby is 157th with 421 yards. Dalvin Cook is 161st with 416 yards. Miami averages 199.3 yards per game rushing. FSU averages 129.9 yards per game rushing. We have a huge advantage in the running game. In pass efficiency, Kaaya is 11th with 2087 yards, with 20 tds and 9 ints and a 157.6 QBR. Winston is 21st with 2540 yards, with 17 tds and 11 ints, and a 150.8 QBR. I don't see this matchup as much more than a draw. Both guys will make their plays and a mistake here or there. So if Miami can run, can FSU defend it? Rushing defense stats. Miami - 31st, allowing 131.9 yards a game on the ground. FSU - 35th allowing 135.7 yards per game. In the games I have watched FSU this year, it seems they are more vulnerable to the run compared to the last few years. So if Miami and FSU can pass, who can defend better? Miami is 18th in pass efficiency defense, allowing 9 touchdowns with 8 ints and a 107 rating. FSU is 65th in pass efficiency defense, allowing 15 tds to 9 ints and a 126.8 rating. Miami is 11th in total defense and FSU is 49th. Stats are just stats and all but some of them seem to favor us. I like our chances.
Thank you to all men and women that serve for the security of this great country, who have sacrificed for the betterment of our nation, and who have always put God and Country before all else. We can't enjoy our freedom without your service. So God Bless each and everyone of you! We know we officially honor you once a year but our gratitude is forever. Thank you for all you do.
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I love the new Tomahawk chop pic. Now how do you portray point shaving in a pick? lol
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Looks like fun was had by all. The initial fears that the game would be a melt down as a noon game never materialized but the Canes laid some serious smack down heat on the Heels in the first half.
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Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2014 on Hurricanes Beat Heels Convincingly at Canespace
I was glad we played well for Jim Kelly too. That guy was an awesome quarterback. I got to admit that I feel pretty good about the run this team is on. After the pain I felt earlier this season it is just nice to have a good feeling about the progress despite the record. And the more I see the teams we played do well against others just makes me think we have come further than anyone really knows.
It was a strong defensive performance. Near the end of the first half, UNC had only about 20 years of total offense. The defense was quick to diagnose plays and there were none of those "how the hell did that happen" busts. And they didn't give us any freebies like VT did - we just seemed to have their play book or something. Almost all of their yards came long after the game was no longer in doubt.
Can't you all just enjoy this beat down of a very good NC offense without the back and forth? BS that this team should be undefeated with a true freshman quarterback. And Duke did not return his stride as a running back until three games ago. We get it Go Canes is delusional in his unwavering support of Al but some of you guys as delusional in your unwavering hate of Al. The truth is somewhere in between. But f all that, just enjoy the freaking game.
Crap ACC network showing VT game here in DC market. No Canes game on TV. Sucks when the FIU game is on TV but not the Mimai NC game.