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TC The GT offense is as good as the quarterback making the decisions. In 2008, Josh Nebitt was a legit QB and he had Jonathan Dwyer as the B Back. They dominated the front seven for over 400 yards rushing. Then GT didn't find the right QB who could throw accurately but also had good timing on the pitches. Then this Thomas kid arrives and he is good. Laskey proves a formidable B Back. They have an average defense but it plays its game of the year against us. Oh, and they also beat their rival Georgia this year as well. They were deserving Coastal champions.
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Thanks for the research Markus. I am not sure what my take is on these numbers. Total for all games yields a scoring average of 29.91. Throw out the two non-competitive games on the schedule FAMU and Arkansas State and we had a scoring average of 27.77. In terms of differential versus average scoring defense of opposing teams, we finished a plus 46. So taken over the year, we scored slightly less than 4 point better per game than the opposing team usually allows. Throw out the two non competitive games and it is about plus 20, or about 1.7 per game. Yet, we pass the eye candy test and we did have at least 4 or 5 players who I expect to play in the NFL one day on the team. I mean, the number 7 running back, the #1 WR is terms of yards per catch, a young but competent quarterback, a potential number 1 pick in Flowers, and I think at least one other OL guy will make the NFL one day. I would just say that we seriously under performed. Also, as I pointed out on the last blog, when you are running less plays per game than your opponents, you are at a disadvantage. Soup, these stats blogs were interesting and I enjoyed the intelligent and thoughtful comments of the space faithful on them. But I am starting to get a headache (and not to mention a heartache) going over these numbers. Can we have a non stats blog next? It just makes me angrier and angrier when the stats reveal the clear mediocrity of this staff. Maybe one of the guys who are really into recruiting can write a blog about our defensive line talent and how there is hope on that front next year. Because until we recruit guys like Hendrix, Rueben Carter, Jerome Brown, Stubbs, McDougal, Kennedy, Madearis, and the other beasts of our past, we will just be an Alverage team for now and into the future.
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We desperately need beasts on the D Line and LB. Will the new unis help bring those typ of players here? Because until that changes, all the earlier talk about losing because we are dominated by other offenses won't change.
That 12-0 bus will take the shortest ride ever me thinks.
Good research. Thinking about the season, in the games we lost, except FSU, the winning team dominated the line of scrimmage and time of possession. They wore the defense down in the second half. Because we never adjusted to take the running game away the 2nd half stats go down hill as the defense tired. In those losses, we basically tried to let a true freshman sling us on to victory in the second half and he couldn't do it (because that would have been difficult for even a senior to do. The point is we have to shut down running games first and foremost. If we can't do that we will almost always lose the second half of games against decent competition. Winning college coaches rely on juniors and seniors and not true freshmen.
Personally, I know I am impressed that we out recruited the likes of Cincinnati, FAU, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Temple, Western Kentucky and Temple. I'll sleep well tonight...
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I think that's fairly typical Soup. There are not enough good things happening in the world, and everybody is living paycheck to paycheck it seems. Those not living paycheck to paycheck are having a grand old time with lower interest rates and favorable tax treatments. There is no military accomplishments that are celebrated and we have a government that doesn't exactly inspire confidence. There is no movement that is out there that is appealing. There is no great musical group like the Beatles, Stones, Floyd, that moves us. We are just in a period of time that is hard to find things to be optimistic about and it is struggle for everyone to get by.
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1mg I had a dog. He ran away in the second half of the FSU game. Guess he feared what might happen. Just kidding.
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I am the rock of the family, the picture of stability. I lost my cool today and said the kind of stupid things we all say today. Not real proud of myself. But I have to think there was at least one day when I was happy in the last 6 months. My mind set is not such that I can remember that day right now. There have been more bad days than good in the past 6 months. Quite frankly, I see more bad days ahead.
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I voted for Al to Wisconsin as well. I didn't do so maliciously. I just think the big ten is a better fit for him, and it is a perfect situation for a coach like him. They don't have unrealistic expectations at Wisconsin. Madison is a great city and that is one of the finest universities in the country. 9-3, 8-4, and an occasional 7-5 won't cause fans to go bonkers. Al does have recruiting connections to Florida now. There is a value to that. He doesn't get the cream of the crop here but he gets some decent three and four star Florida guys. That would be better than most of the big ten coaches. Plus, there is a little irony in it. Donna relied heavily on Alvarez in choosing Al. She is in a pickle of sorts. He don't fit here. But he would be a good fit there. Alvarez could bail her out of leaving the new President with "dead wood" and she could appoint an interim coach until the new President arrives. If Wisconsin goes for Chryst, I think Pitt makes a serious run for AG. Given his regional ties to the northeast, I see it as doable. I am hopeful this works out best for everyone. Another year at Miami would be disastarous for AG.
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I can't believe Paul Johnson spent FSU week reading Al's 600 page binder looking for a key to victory. Obviously, he didn't find it. The more talented team won tonight.
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I have generally rooted for FSU against everyone else but us but I can't root for them with Winston as the QB. Just can't do it. OSU and Whisky I don't care about.
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So far. FSU can't stop the run. GT can't stop the run or pass.
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2014 on Hunt Shows UM The Money! at Canespace
ACC CG coming up. I think FSU number is up. I am going to root for Tech in a close one 34-31.
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I have been a Miami Hurricane fan for over 65 years. I grew up near the Orange Bowl, played football and baseball in the parking area. Sold cokes at the games the games so I could see the Canes play until I graduated from Miami Senior High in 1960. I even worked on the Orange Bowl when I was an iron worker. I went to just about every Canes game until I moved to Colorado in 1974 then on to San Francisco Bay Area. I have traveled 3500 miles to see the Canes play almost every year. Been to the Rose bowl and fiesta Bowl to see them play, I saw the late flag against Ohio State to rob us from another championship. I believe I am a fan. This is the worst I have ever felt about the situation with this football team. I believed in Al Golden after sitting with him, Ricky town and his dad talking about what was going to be. We'll it turned out to be bull s. He needs to go. Posted by: Harry Miller | December 05, 2014 at 05:41 PM You know it is over when great fans like this abandon the ship named Albatross.
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Ohio - Al would have to win 23 straight games to equal Butch's record and Butch had the deepest sanctions of anyone at the time since SMU. Come on, the guy left a national championship team and regrets it. He has made that clear through the years. He wants to give us another one. I don't understand the reluctance on our part to accept it from him. Whatever he said, or did, at UNC doesn't matter. That was clearly an academic oversight issue and not a sport issue. The NCAA gave him a letter essentially exonerating him. No show cause order was imposed on him. If he was even a bit guilty, he would have been issued one. Butch is a man of integrity. He can lead us back to relevance and possibly to another national championship. I truly believe that. It would be foolish to accept the status quo and not take that chance.
Still have rocky top in your head too? I wasn't there but it was loud even on TV. I met the team at the airport when they came back. Nick Bogart of CBS 4 even interviewed me and my brother. They were like, why are you even here, lol. But that team showed it was possible to be national champs again. JJ would always be welcomed back. Some time I was him on TV and think, he may like the gig and the money he is making but I do think he misses the games. His reputation as a coach would not be improved by coaching us again. He is already considered one of the best ever. Butch I would gladly take back, baggage and all. If Golden should get credit for leading us through the Nevin scandal, well Butch led us out of the Pell grant scandal and that was far worse. I didn't like Butch's game plans much. The only brilliant game plan was to give Edge the ball against UCLA. But a coach doesn't have to please my idea of offense to be a great coach. But I have to see that there is good use of the talent. Duke got a lot of yards this year, but if they had made him a true featured back he could have contended for a Heisman and Brad could slowly develop. Instead, we place most of the pressure on the true freshman. Never liked it. Butch always understood that he needed juniors and seniors to carry the load. That has been missing here a long time.
I remember that well jcane. I was on like the Canes 40 yard line and couldn't believe we were in a base D. I said some things about Jimmy Johnson all the way from Miami back to West Palm Beach. I was so pissed. That whole season was a heart breaker. Topped off by Troy Aikman beating us at UCLA after we broke his damn leg in Oklahoma a couple of years earlier. That was also the year we led Maryland like 31-0 at half and lost 42-40 when an unknown guy named Frank Reich directed Maryland to 6 straight scoring drives.
Thanks Soup. That was an excellent version of that song. Seger could belt them out with the best of them. I am tired of the night excuse but I knew when he said it that he is trying to get himself fired with this kind of talk. If no one at the U has yet to tell him it is unacceptable to blame the night, meaning being on prime time for all the world to see, for losses, well, there may be an even bigger problem at the U but I think some one has told him that before. The U when it was great usually had that dominant AD. When Schnells was here, he was the coach, water boy, AD, he was it all. JJ and Erickson both had Sam as an AD I think. Sam was a bad mutha. He used to challenge Jimmy in the press about not winning the big game until he did. He always gave the impression he wasn't satisfied with the coach. He reamed Erickson for the Cotton Bowl when all hell broke lose after Texas and offensive lineman Stan Thomas trashed talks us all week before the game. They got what they deserved and that was an ass whooping and if it took 200 yards in penalties to administer it then so be it. Sam wanted to fire Dennis and Dennis was dumb founded in a way. The point being, you had an AD who pressured the coach to win or else. For Al, it has always been the cloud and no pressure by any AD. The U deserves the record because it was too cheap to look around and hire a true athletic director. So when they change from Golden, and I know this may cost some money, but the U needs to strong AD in place for the good of all of its sports programs.
Rallying cry for 2015 post Al. Night moves. Workin' on our night moves Trying to lose the awkward teenage blues Workin' on out night moves In the summertime And oh the wonder Felt the lightning And we waited on the thunder Waited on the thunder I woke last night to the sound of thunder How far off I sat and wondered Started humming a song from 1962 Ain't it funny how the night moves When you just don't seem to have as much to lose Strange how the night moves With autumn closing in
I don't have a problem with Golden giving people time off. But LMFAO at the reasoning. He really is trying to get Miami to fire him, I guess he knows he can't get the job done here.
Agree totally Ohio. Certain things are off limits. And when we recruit our next coach, we don't want any chance we may have to secure the perfect candidate with the idea our fans act this way.
WWIM at this rate he may be the only one there...
I love Larranaga btw. I live near George Mason. Guy was an icon here and will be at Miami soon enough. He can improve the average basketball player into a good one, and a good one into a great one. But ACC play is different than these early games. But the Illinois win was awesome.
Actually, there hasn't been a whole lot of gnashing teeth here. We know what we are. We are a five hundred team with a wealth of NFL talent. Most want to see a change. UM is offering no changes or further review of the staff. I've perused other forums and boards. The fans are really, really pissed off. And rightfully so. We are a fairly civil group compared to most boards. We also have the most intelligent posts of all places by far.