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THINGS A WHITE CANDIDATE COULD NEVER GET AWAY WITH: 1) Belongs to a church with a pastor that could be interpolated as Racist, Hate filled, unpatriotic or Bigoted. Americans tend to be more tolerant of black bigots. Black bigots are a harmless bunch. Whites are more likely to be killed by an aquatic sea animal than a black racist. Blacks are more likely to kill themselves, although blacks tend to be the victims of race related violence more than whites. The bottom line here is there still is an inherent privilege associated with being white in America. White criminals are far less likely to serve jail sentences when compared to their fellow American's of color. American's of color and women earn less than their white Americans counterparts for the same jobs with similar education and work experience. Double standards exist - either people need to accept them and quit beeachin - or start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable dialog of race.
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obed awowede: I am amazed at how ordinary American folks think their situation would change simply because an afro-americo-asian becomes president. Skeevie Mack: THINGS A BLACK PRESIDENT COULDN"T GET AWAY WITH: 1) Going to the wrong country (IRAQ) in search of Bin Laden. 2) Taking billions of dollars from ordinary Americans while funding a war for oil who's revenues go to Oil companies and ordinary Americans struggle financially. 3) Lie about going to Bosnia and other presidential experience 2) Get exposed for shoving a cigar into an interns vagina in the sacred Oval Office while cheating on his wife. 3) Run an arrogant administration - void of any logical reasoning - based on greed, violence and intimidation - resulting in decreased constitutional protections for average Americans - increased protections for the rich and corporate interests. 4) Get a blank check to fight any war 5) Be an Alcaholic and steal the election from Al Gore 6) Have a wife like Michelle Obama and commit adultry while she was home (without being castrated on sight). 7) Be commonly called "dumb" or inarticulate" and respected as the leader of the free world 8) Lead our service men into harms way without proper justification - and dare anyone question his authority 9) Lie to the American people 10) Support foreign nations better than he supports this nation White Americans wouldn't allow any of the above from a person of color. People of color in America know they are not entitled to these privileges which are reserved only for old white men.
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Jesus never lied about his accomplishments to gain his followers. The only miracle HilLLIARy Clinton ever pulled was making it this far while blatantly lying and conning her way through this election. Proof:
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