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I like dempsey where Donovan is and Donovan on the right. Since Donovan is willing track back more and Dempsey not so much.
+1 that made me laugh. Back to the topic Lichaj has looked better at LB then Castillo. So I would say he is the best LB we have next to Bocanegra. Although I wouldn't mind seeing Castillo tried out there a few more time.
People just like hating on Jozy, cement feet, lazy can't score blah blah blah. It goes on and on. You would have think if he was that bad Bradley would had realize it by now. Bursapor would had realize it or even Villereal. Somehow the fans on this board are smarter then they are.
I would put Dempsey in the middle he seems to do well with the ball at his feet his problem is he doesn't look for the ball all the time. Being in the middle he'll touch the ball more which will allow him to make more plays.
The problem with playing a 4-5-1 is that the U.S just doesn't have the 1 touch passing require to make it work well against world class team. Although it might work against the the weaker comp in the concacaf region who might not be be able to hold possession the way Argentina did today.
It's easy to just put the blame on Altidore cause well that's what most of the people on this board does. If they watch the game every time he got the ball there was 3 defender on him with no outlet pass what do you expect him to do either try to run at them or hold the ball for 5 second or more and get stripped. There was nothing he could do. People saying Agaudelo held the ball up better were just delusional cause he score a goal. Juan looked lost and uncomfortable on the ball most of the time. I like Agaudelo but I'll admit Jozy is the best forward we have at the moment.
Chandler look fairly good going forward but needs to tidy up his defense. Altidore look very good the second half look dangerous and gave the Argentinian back line a hard time. If he ever finds his scoring touch he just might turn out to be a fairly good player just not for the U.S but internationally too. Aguadelo got a goal but played how I expected him to play. Made some decent plays but look lost and uncomfortable on the ball sometimes. The defense did well but Gooch although he had some good played look stiff and he really cant pass out of the backfield. Majority of the time with or without pressure he would just boot it somewhere. The midfield should never consist of those 3 guys ever again I mean again. It's the second time with this midfield and the second time we looked this defensive and lost offensively. If anything put Dempsey as the withdrawn if Holden isn't available and play Aguadelo, Chandler or someone else out on the wing. Dempsey does well when he gets the ball but a lot of the time he just doesn't go looking for it and with him playing that position he should see the ball more.
Do some of these people even watch jozy play because I'm pretty sure last week he showed he had burst and some flare. And I agree with majormajormajormajor people over hyped him now they are underrating him. He may never be world class or maybe not even great as long as he is good enough then USA should be fine until someone great or world class comes along. No Teal and Juan aren't even close jozy at there age looked like he had more potential then both of them, that's why villareal were willing to fork up 10mil for him and at this point probably still have more potential then both its not like he's 30+ years old and at the end of his career.
Maybe Ancelotti should start David Luiz up top cause he seem to be there best attacking option lol.
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Feb 14, 2011