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Thank you Mark, for the summary of my presentation! I wanted to add one clarification to my comment above: I absolutely agree about the growing importance of social platforms in engaging with one's different stakeholders. We have to find more ways to participate there as well - where it makes sense: that is when we are sure to reach the audiences and can bring value to the conversation for a longer term. But I think that providers are missing an important chance when rushing to Facebook et al "to be where everybody is" (but maybe not exactly waiting for me) - without engaging with the people who are already coming to their own web estate. Here, people are coming to in no small numbers either, plus they come with a declared interest in the offer and do not stumble upon it by accident. Giving all stakeholders a chance to communicate with you and easily share content that they find interesting is a great chance for us to learn to better understand their needs and how to engage on other platforms as well. Sabine
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Apr 3, 2010