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I used to be a Microsoft diehard, and about 2 years ago I completely jumped ship to OSX and Linux. I quit Microsoft because they don't get it... Here is classic Microsoft. You boot up Windows, and the first thing Windows does is scan your harddisk. Then if you have not done certain background tasks Microsoft runs them in the background. Meaning the harddisk and computer is ALWAYS active. My Linux and OSX boxes are quiet! They don't go trancing around asking, "oh is something there..." What Microsoft needs to do, and they really missed the boat on this one is create a new OS. I mean from the ground up. Microsoft should have gone to the market and said, "hey you know this Windows 7, we will keep it alive for the next 10 years all bells and whistles..." BUT in the mean time we are going to create this cool completely new OS. In other words do an OSX! Or do a Windows NT! The fact that Windows 7 will be supported means that companies can be ensured that their businesses will run for at least 10 years and they can slowly ease into the new OS. But Microsoft does not trust itself anymore and hence they do not have the courage and hence you get crap on crap, and on crap...
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Oct 21, 2013