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Thank you. For speaking out, particularly as you have a far more significant audience that you can encourage to speak out with you. As a woman, as a victim of rape, as someone who has a body that is not considered "acceptable" by general standards, the current environment of flight security requirements in the USA disturbs me deeply. I am not American, but I love America deeply and love travelling into and through America as often as possible. As it is, I find general pat-downs or swab tests triggering, without it being ramped up to these invasive scans and body searches. Why is the default to invade everyone's privacy, when only a few ever put anyone at risk? I don't think I could ever bring myself to object to the body scan and opt for the body search (despite my concerns of the radiation risk) but what I want to know is, just who sees these near nude scans, and how are we safeguarded so that those scans of people who have bodies that are not considered socially acceptable (those who have disabilities, medical issues, are fat, have prosthetics or disfigurements) are not being emailed around TSA or anywhere else for jerks to have a laugh or point at the weirdos. Human beings should have the right to physical privacy should they choose it, and not to have their bodies violated by people who are not professional or decent human beings. I'm sorry that you experienced something traumatic, but I am glad you are speaking up.
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Apr 7, 2011