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So you should be doing what you value instead of learning for the sake of learning… Except you can't value something you haven't learned, so your advice doesn't help. Also, you should probably value learning in general anyway as it leads to knowledge and also keeps your brain healthy. Learning doesn't guarantee living a good life, but it's arguably the best approach. This post is just a self-serving attempt at damage control after finding out that "please don't learn" is seen as harmful advice. The only good follow-up from you would have been to show humility, but instead there is more verbose guru-style twaddle about how you are right because of . It's the point where at least this reader is parting ways with Coding Horror.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2012 on So You Want to be a Programmer at Coding Horror
This reminds me of the story of Google Reader: it used to be a social network in its own right, because people would "like" feed items, and you'd be able to gouge popularity based on these "likes". Since Google replaced the "like" functionality with g+ sharing, this has stopped, and you seldom see anyone using the g+ button. I don't use it because I usually only want to share my "like" with other people subscribing to the same feed, not with my g+ circles. Almost no one I know uses g+, so it's just not relevant to me. Google destroyed a good thing with their forced wannabe-Facebook features. I've lost a ton of goodwill towards Google as a company because of it. They also lost my goodwill with the forced "personal results" feature in search. It would be fine if you could simply turn the social search off, but instead it's designed to make you jump through a hoop before it's turned off persistently.
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> I'd rather you sit down and work on your engine more efficient like Rage, Burnout:Paradise City and Crysis (2) did, long before Battlefield. Rage is your example of an optimized game? There's lots of reported issues even on consoles, not to mention on PC. It's basically unplayable on my HD6870+E8400 system that can handle Crysis 2 at ultra high settings, and Crysis isn't a good example of an optimized game either. Battlefield 3 beta performed better for me than Crysis 2 did. > I just bought a Radeon 6870 and that low 37.3 benchmark score makes me think I should take it back and get something else. This was exactly my situation and train of thought, until I realized that the benchmark was for a resolution larger than 1080p and used 4x AA.
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2011 on Multiple Video Cards at Coding Horror
You must be kidding! WordPress's auto-update functionality stupidly requires the web server to specifically be the owner of the file for it to work, otherwise it asks for FTP credentials. I haven't set up a FTP server in many years, and I probably won't in the future unless it's TFTP for a network install. Maybe it's different for Windows servers. Also, to the person who blamed poorly coded plugins for WordPress updates breaking functionality: is there even any other kind of plugin? Almost all plugins I've seen have been made by junk developers who apparently don't even turn warnings on when developing.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2011 on The Infinite Version at Coding Horror
Great, a libertarian flashmob, all working out from their dogma that regulation must always be bad. I particularly like the comment that calls Atwood uninformed, although not a single commenter to that point had shown signs that they understood the scale of government subsidies to the telcos and why infrastructure is a special case where it can be argued that competition doesn't work. I mean, you could disagree with it and say that overall the pro-net neutrality arguments are outweighed by the anti-neutrality arguments, but instead we get to see the cretinous trait of our species called dogmatism and people arguing an ideological standpoint.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2011 on The Importance of Net Neutrality at Coding Horror
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