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Kevdog, I'm with you on the TypeMatrix - check out my in-depth review of it here ( I loved my 2030s, and my only gripes are the price ($110), lack of Bluetooth, and lack of durability. I've gone through four or five of them, because they only last 12-18 months for me and tend to fail with the exact same symptoms*, which to me indicates a flaw in design or manufacturing. When the last one failed, I reluctantly decided to just buy a cheap name-brand keyboard... the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard 6000. The feel is OK, but as I found out, it sucks for programming because you have to press Fn to get Home or End (ugh). I'll be switching to something else. *The X, B and Z keys would stop working.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2011 on The Keyboard Cult at Coding Horror
I've been using a 160 GB Intel X-25M Gen 2 for 16 months or so in my laptop, for work and personal use, and it's still going strong. My OS and apps are on there, and then I have a pair of striped disks for other stuff. I have a Windows home server that does a decent job backing it all up...without that I'd have mirrored the other disks. The SSD drives are expensive, granted, and I can see why somebody might try to justify the time savings...but to me that's not the point. I don't mind spending on things that matter to me, and taking the hit on other things. Given that I spend 8-10 hours a day on my laptop, the perception of speed makes me happier. It's a quality of life issue.
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May 2, 2011