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"They probably won't ever get under .500 this season now. Thanks moron. We can always count on you. Posted by: Slledge is retarded. | January 28, 2010 at 10:44 AM "There is a reason why there has been a season-long dance with .500." IRA With a shyt-load of games on the road coming until March. RETARD, whatever your real name is, wossie.
Is the Heat below .500 yet, or will it take a few more games on the road?
Look at SuperCool in the picture here, above, and tell me if he doesn't smoke about a pound of weed every day.
46-35 rebounds for the Raptors. That, plus the infamous 3pt shooting from the Heat: there goes your game.
kbgirl is skip your shyt, go get another lobotomy
5/22 from downtown, 1/6 for Wade. When will they LEARN they can't shoot 3's? Blame Spo.
"But fatigue again had Wade less productive at the finish." As predicted by yours truly: The Heat usually come up with energy at the start, then lose the fire power. That's especially true with Beasley. Expect a big game shift in the second half, when the MMM's get tired in Canada. Write that down. Posted by: Slledge | January 27, 2010 at 07:23 PM
"Might it not have made more sense to insert Carlos Arroyo at the top of the second quarter instead of Chalmers, considering the Heat was lacking the creativity of Beasley and Wade at the time?" It's clear that Ira hates Chalmers and prefers Arroyo. The fact is they're both lousy players. Arroyo ended up in Israel for a reason: No NBA team would spend a dime on him. Putrid defender, undersized. Granted, Skippy Lou and SupermarionCharmin are not any better: the 3 stooges at the point.
"There is a reason why there has been a season-long dance with .500." 4 reasons actually: The point guards all suck, the 3's all suck, the centers all suck and the bench is one of the worst in the NBA. Mediocre is Mediocre
I don't care if your name is Emeril Lagasse or Molto Mario
It is surprising that Spoelstra still has to implore his team to run. Wade is so much more effective before the defense can get completely settled and loaded. Forget imploring it, Spoelstra should demand it." You can't prepare a good meal with lousy ingredients.
Tough to predict, huh? Mediocre is Mediocre
The Heat usually come up with energy at the start, then lose the fire power. Taht's especially true with Beasley. Expect a big game shift in the second half, when the MMM's get tired in Canada. Write that down.
Spo sucks, and all the Heat players are GREAT, especially at the 1, 3, 5 positions. The Bench is also amazing, last I checked. GREAT players, bad coach. Go Cook.
How about them Toronto Raptors
And what's your problem with quoting stupid, retarded, juvenile shyt Sarge? you a faggettt ? Stick to the Game.
The stupid notion that you can just out-gun your opponent in basketball, without tough defense, is plain retarded. Every coach knows that basic principle of the game. You may have some great offensive players, but even Wade or lebron will tell you that without tough defense, an emphasis on defense, your team is screwed and will eventually lose. That's how the Spurs won 3 titles, Detroit won and Boston won. Recently. That's even how Miami won in 2006: with pat Riley yelling his lungs out for more defense, even criticizing Wade for his lack of D, if you recall.
what happens with good defense, as every coach will preach, is you create instant offense, after a STOP. Easy transition points. you catch the opponent unguarded. You control the tempo of the game. Last time I checked, good DEFENSIVE oriented teams have won, unless the Phoenix Suns have a new plan to win with just offense.
Common denominator in recent History: Boston, San Antonio, Detroit, even the Heat in 2006 under Riley: DEFENSE. Emphasis on defense. Ever hear the popular adage defense wins Championships? Ask Larry Brown. OF COURSE your team has to score. But it's about stopping the other team from SCORING. Points are accross the board. every NBA basketball posession is about trying to score points or trying to STOP the opponent from scoring. The latter is way more important, especially in the playoffs. Read the news. Surf the internet.
How about them Mediocre Raptors? they're about to beat the Heat. Should be a close game between 2 mediocre teams, can't bet a dime on it.
"I'm only responding because...well I got nothing better to do, as I know very well that you have little to no bball knowledge... and the Heat "system" held opps to 96ppg in 2006 and this year? 96.8ppg The biggest guessed it... is in OFFENSE. Champs avg'd 99.9pts, this team avg's 97.4pts. Champs ranked 6th in scoring offense, this team ranks 24th in scoring. The rules have changed and the game changed, yet the Heat has not. You win by outscoring your opp." 1/ Who the hell do you think you are, dumbass? 2/ Defense is what wins. Read the papers.
"As a loyal Heat fan since the team's inception, I hate to say I lost a little respect for you after that. Any thoughts? -- Paul." How old is that kid, or what's the exact level of mental retardation? Homerism is STUPID, players change cities like the wind. Wade is from Chicago, teams suck, or they don't, depending when. high-school is over, kiddos. The NBA is a BUSINESS, watch the good teams.
The retarded impersonator needs serious help, Faggett.
"Our SYSTEM hasn't worked in years, but I guess that's because the players aren't good enough, right? That would be the easy scapegoat." How easy do people forget. It's Pat Riley's System, the Heat's BOSS. a defensive Guru. Remember 2006? Championship. Most teams don't get even close to that. Yes, it's the PLAYERS, Shaq is gone. No point guards, no SF's no decent centers, lousy bench.
WALTHAM - When Kevin Garnett was recognized as the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year, Celtics coach Doc Rivers commented that Garnett had changed the team's culture when it came to defense. The same can be said of Tom Thibodeau. related content today's stories Jackson cautious in the Red zone Thibodeau Celtics' defensive guru Celtics notebook Celtics' Tony Allen looks healthier Lakers notebook Moving pieces to make for a chess game Expert analysis: Gorman notes one-sided Lakers-Celtics picks It's Celtics' defense vs. Lakers' offense Bird, Magic old rivals - and friends more preview content bob ryan's blog Oh it's a rivalry, all right Blog wars Who should America be rooting for? video Celtics talk about Finals galleries Tuesday's practice interactive The Garden Mix: A Celtics playlist contest Can you dance like Gino? survey gallery Who has the edge? survey Which team will win? Celtics-Lakers this season game by game series snapshot Celtics-Lakers schedule more stories like thisThe first-year assistant coach and former Salem State player is the Celtics' defensive coordinator and the man charged with molding a plan that will help them slow down league MVP Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in the NBA Finals. Rivers hired Thibodeau last summer as associate head coach and promptly turned over control of the defense to the longtime NBA assistant. And Thibodeau transformed the Celtics into the best defensive team in the league. During the regular season, Boston led the league in fewest points allowed per game (90.1), field goal percentage allowed (41.9), and 3-point field goal percentage allowed (31.6). Last season, Boston ranked 24th in field goal percentage allowed (46.8), 18th in points allowed (99.2), and allowed opponents to shoot 35 percent from beyond the arc. "Thib has been the best thing that happened to us," said center Kendrick Perkins. You might be asking exactly who Thibodeau is. He's easy to find during games. He would be the animated assistant standing next to Rivers when the Celtics are on defense, feverishly barking out instructions and pointing out switches. Thibodeau's feet are often moving along with those of his players. He does everything but get out on the court and deny the passing lanes."