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Steve West
I'm a writer, walker, and nature lover
Interests: walking, nature, and writing, reading (both good fiction and non-fiction), listening to music (particularly power-pop and alt-country), travel (particularly in the west)
Recent Activity
At lunch yesterday I was talking with a good friend about the new album by Burlap to Cashmere, Freedom Souls. He had already listened to it ten times and wasn't sure he liked it quite as much as the previous album, so he needed to listen more. Yet the important part of what he said was "ten" and "more." He's a fan. You will be too, if you already aren't, if you hear them live. Seats are already being reserved for this great house show on Friday, Sept. 25th. If you haven't made a reservation, please do so now, and let your friends know by checking out all the details here. See you on Sept. 25th! Meanwhile, check out this beautiful song, entitled "Passover," form the latest record. Download 06 Passover Continue reading