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Melle Slotema
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Well, To my dismay, I noticed that it didn't work anymore. the reason why I chose Spanning Sync is the following: I chose Android over an iPhone! I don't want an iPhone. I use and love my macs, and they sync with MobileMe (keychains and all). But having an Android, made Spanning Sync the only tool that really worked for me: addresses and calendars, thru google on my Android. Now they managed to mess that up too. I hate it. I made a explicit choice not to own an iPhone. I really hate the way Apple controls every aspect of the iPhone (I have an iPod Touch) It is my device, not theirs! Now it doesn't work anymore, and I can start looking for a new alternative. This sucks big time. The moment they make the App Store mandatory on their computers as well, I will abandon Apple.
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May 23, 2011