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Kirby Freeman was impressive and D was excellent against the run. Special teams play was weak. The coaching staff is responsible for preparing the players each week for the next game. The players lack discipline..i.e. penalties and concentration..i.e. dropped passes, fumbles and blown coverages. Was Johnson told by the coaching staff to "fair catch the punt"? Lack of focus falls back to bad preparation. The team has the ability to be winners. We need better coaches. God bless the Pata family.
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It's not as bad as it could be ...yet. The Canes have tremendous talent ( except for Wright). Whatever started at the Peach Bowl last year has spread into this season like a deadly virus. Coker has had his chance to win and hasn't come through. He has no control over his team or assitants. The players need to grow up and make the most of the opportunity they have been given to play at the "U". Coker has to bench Wright and start Freeman. Paul Dee has to terminate Coker. It's that simple. Work harder in the off season and be next year's National Champs!
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